Live Privates - I like this site very much


Date: December 26, 2017

Written by: Fran (Male, 21)


I know that I saw a couple sites exactly like this one, but I like them all equally. It doesn’t matter if they are pretty much the same and almost have to same models, I still get to find something in need. Up until now, I was never disappointed what this site offered. I got to find at least one show that was perfect for my taste. I know that every site should have at least a little originality and this site is a full copy of some other site. That is the only bad thing about it so far.
So far, I always saw around 500 or more models online. That was pretty enough to find at least one model that was good enough for my taste. I never ended up in a situation to have too little models online at once.
Before even starting a show, I wanted to find a show that was perfect for me. I know that it is pretty hard to do it when you have a lot of models online, but there are some features that helped me out. I was on this site before so I knew what to use. But let’s remember my first time here. I only saw categories then. That was pretty useful at that time, but that didn’t do the job exactly as I wanted. There were too much models still at the display. I found the filter after some time and I think that it is on a pretty bad location. Someone who is new to a site will not find it easily like I didn’t also. However, this filter is the best thing ever. I could select a lot of tags at once and that narrowed the search more than anything else.
When I finally ran into a model that seemed worthy, I opened her show. Keep in mind that all shows are free and that is useful because you can see what happens in a show before even paying for it. There is even no need for an account if you are here just for a free show. You will be listed as a guest, but you can still do all things like other people in a free show. You can see the video quality, chat with the model and that is it. Tipping is not available so you can’t make a model do pretty much anything if she doesn’t want to.
There is no need to waste much time in free shows because you won’t gain anything from that. The only thing that you should do before starting a private show is check out model’s profile. There is enough information to know if that model is right for you or not.
Prices of private shows are variable. Some shows are cheap and some of them are expensive. You can find most shows for reasonable prices that are around per minute. The cheapest shows I saw was .98 per minute and that seemed really unbelievable at first but I was pleased to see that those shows also exist. There is one thing I learned about shows and that is that the price of shows doesn’t tell if a show is good or not. You can see all kinds of shows for the same price.
Not all private shows are the same. Some of those shows are really worth your money and some of them are not. I kind of preferred those cheaper shows because I didn’t have much money to spend. Those shows were pretty good even though they weren’t expensive. The best shows you can see are ones that include sex toys. I like to see a girl how she plays with a dildo while I want to see more and more. Sadly, I saw also those shows that offer you almost nothing. The model gets naked in the best case and that is it. You won’t see more than that.
Besides these two types of shows, you can also see VIP shows. These shows are available for every member, but only the fastest ones can watch them because the show started when a model gathers enough money. There is usually a price that model wants and when that amount is reached, the show starts no matter what.
The video quality was only in HD in all cases. I didn’t see one show that was in bad quality or that wasn’t in fluid motion. Some cameras were even remote controlled and that made everything much better because models could zoom in on them at any moment.
The site works pretty well on a phone also. It was almost the same like on a pc so I had great time while using this site.
The store offers multiple packages and you only need one for the beginning. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and you can get discounts if you buy more credits at once. There are even bonus amounts of credits for some packages.


Affordable prices. The video quality is in HD. Many models are online.


Nothing is bad.


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