Camquery - I know a site is good when I see one


Date: August 8, 2017

Written by: Mark (Male, 18)


After looking at many bad sites over the years, you kind of fell relieved when you see a good site. This site has a good color mix because the dark background color points out most of the important things. The design of the site is really simple and navigating through the site couldn’t be easier. The main page has shows, categories, search options, login info and a few more things. I counted around 400 models that were online at the time I was there and I read somewhere that this site has more than 6000 registered models. This site has girls, guys and trannies, but girls are dominant here. I wasn’t surprised after finding that out at all.
Maybe I am too picky when it comes to these things, but if I can choose one model that suits me the best, why wouldn’t I? This site has multiple options for finding some model. The best one in my opinion is the advanced search because it allows you to select more than 5 tags that will narrow the search to just a few models in no time. I tried it many times and in most cases I got the result of no more than 10 models. One more useful method is to use categories. There are around 30 categories and they will do the job also. If you are using this site regularly, you can also type in some model’s name and only that model will pop up. However, this site has a favorites tab that allows you to put any model there and you will never search for that model again.
You don’t have to have an account to look at a show. However, I would recommend everyone to create one after opening the site because it is completely free. Free shows are available with those models who are online, but not in the private show. Before opening the show, you need to know that there will be no nudity in these shows in most cases. Some models like to tease you a bit just so you take them to the private show immediately. The free show offers a free chat window that is available to everyone. You can use it to chat with the model to find out what is expecting you in the private show. IF you don’t like it, you can just skip to the next model.
The private show has almost everything someone will ever search for. It just depends which model you choose. Some models are just comfortable with taking off the clothes and some of them will do pretty much anything they want. The price of private show can vary from the show to the next one because you don’t get the same type of the show in every case. The average price is per minute, but there are shows that cost or per minute. IF the show is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it is better than that cheap one. It is worth searching for a show that can be cheap because looking at the free show is completely free.
I know I don’t like looking at shows that are in bad quality, and I think no one does. The best thing about this site is that every show here is in HD. I haven’t opened one show that was in low quality yet. Besides that, the picture is also fluid and there are no problems with internet connection or with the lag. Every show opened almost immediately after clicking on it. Most models are streaming from a studio so they must be professional models. I kind of like those amateur models that are streaming from their own house. They act more natural when it comes to a live show.
Every model has a profile below the live stream so you can find out what is expecting you in the show before even opening it. Besides that information, you can also look at some pictures from previous photo shoots for free.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store has multiple packages with credits available. The price of 1 credit is around 1 EUR and there are discounts on bigger purchases. The least expensive package is 21 EUR and the most expensive one is 161 EUR. Every package except the least expensive one has a bonus amount of credits after the purchase.
Site is mobile friendly and it works well on my Android phone. I didn’t have any problems while using it and the video quality was even better than on the computer. You can also use chat window while watching the live stream, which isn’t the case on many sites.


Lots of models are online at most hours. Cheap prices in most cases. Models are ready to do pretty much anything. The site works on the phone. Multiple search options are available.


Nothing is bad when I think about it.


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