XCams.com - I haven’t seen site good as this


Date: July 3, 2017

Written by: Kort (Male, 18)


After spending few years doing the same thing over and over, you get used to that and nothing is new anymore. Well, I can’t say that about his site. Although some things on this site are similar to many other sites, I think that this site has some originality and that isn’t just some poor copy. This site has everything you need to find exactly what you are looking for. The most popular models are always on display and there are few useful features that can help you narrow the search to just a few models.
Categories are what everyone needs when it comes to looking at this kind of a site. I got used that categories are on the side and they are in some boxes that are hard not to notice. This time, they are changed a bit and they are basically connected to the models so they can’t be missed. There aren’t many categories, but there are those ones that everyone needs like ‘Blonde’, ‘brunette’, ‘big tits’ and much more like that. However, there is an advanced search engine that allows everyone to select origin of the model, hair color, boobs size and many more things that will narrow the search to few models. Searching for the models is also available by typing the model’s name in the empty field, but to use this, you can’t be the first timer here because you need to know someone’s name first.
There are always people that don’t know what they are searching for so they won’t use categories. Main page here has all kinds of models and they are randomly arranged. There is one more feature that allows everyone to select if you want to look at new, free, top or HD models. Everything has its ups and downs. For example, free shows are free, but there won’t be seen any nudity. If you want to see that, you have to go to the HD private shows or similar to that.
There are two kinds of shows like on many other sites. There are free shows and there are private ones. The free show is what most of the fans will try out first because testing the merchandise is the smartest thing you can do before spending some money. Every free user or guest has a limited amount of minutes in free shows. When they are spent, there is no more peeking in these shows.
Creating a premium account is what I would recommend to anyone because you can look at as many free shows as you want. To be prepared for little better shows, you need credits and there are few packages with them in the store. The least expensive one is 10 EUR and it has 40 credits plus 25 credits for free shows. The most expensive package has 285 credits and 105 free credits and it costs 60 EUR. One credit goes for 0.76 EUR in all of these packages and there are no discounts on any package.
The private show is much better than the free show and that is why it isn’t free. Before opening any show, the prices for one minute can be seen right below the profile picture. The prices vary from the show to the show but some of them were charging 5 credits for one minute and some of them were charging 7 credits for one minute. Those credits can disappear really fast because there is no timer in the show. When you run out of the credits, you are just disconnected from the show and you have to buy more credits or just end the tour on the site. There are actually a lot better shows that I have expected. I have seen a lot of nudity here and there were no shy models that were sitting in shirts buttoned to their throats.
Every model has its own profile. There is some useful information about what she likes or not. Also, you can find out when that exact model is online and you can look at some photos from some previous photo shoots.
Girls are not the only performers here. There are also guys and trannies, although there is much less of them than the girls. The prices of those shows are nothing different from the previous ones and the camera quality of most of the shows is without and doubts one of a kind.


The best thing about this site is that you can select if you want to look at only free shows or only at the private ones. The prices for shows are really cheap, about for one minute and compared to some other sites, this is much better. I have seen more than 200 models online at the time and there is much more of them registered here. Every model has a profile where you can see when she is online. The advanced search was one of the best things I have ever seen. Selecting more than 5 different things about the models is letting me chose from only a few models.


I didn’t think anything here is wrong or something like that.


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