- I haven’t seen anything better than this site


Date: July 7, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 19)


These days, you don’t get to see much originality on the internet. However, then you come to this exact site, you have the original content that is copied everywhere else. I have seen a lot of sites that are identical to this one, but everyone knows that this site is from where everything started. You can find here almost anything you can think off. Many features here have made my stay here much better than anywhere else.
Like anywhere else, you have two types of shows. There are ones that are free and there are ones that are for premium members only. Free shows are really free here. There is nothing required to enter these shows. However, if you are expecting to see much here, you will be disappointed. Most of these girls are in some tight underwear and they are sitting in front of the camera. There are few performers who actually like to dance around and move a little bit in the free show. You can also talk with the performer. I have seen that in most cases, every performer responds to everyone. However, when it comes to private shows, there are few types of private shows. Some models like to just get naked, but there are ones that like to play with a sex toy. Shows with vibrators cost little more than ones that just have nudity in them. If you just stop looking after seeing free shows, then you have come to the wrong place. To even look at these shows, you need to have an account and some credits on it as well. This site has some promotional prices, so you can get free credits when you buy some package. The least expensive package is 21 EUR and it has 18 credits. If you buy this package, you won’t get bonus credits. The most expensive package has 158 credits and it costs 161 EUR. However, with this package, you get 10 bonus credits for free. 1 credit costs around 1 EUR, but if you buy more credits at once, you get them at cheaper price. Every private show has its own price and they are never the same. There are few shows that cost 1 EUR per 1 minute, but there are also some shows that cost around 4 EUR for 1 minute. The average price in most cases is about 2 EUR, which isn’t much. There is a limit in every private show. Some performers won’t do what you expected them to do and that is the reason each one of performers has a profile on the site.
There is much more information on every performer’s profile than I have expected. You can find out what they like and what they hate. Every model has free photo gallery that is available to everyone. Premium users have more features available at each show, and the best one is that you can talk with the performer via audio device.
Camera quality can vary in each show, but in most cases, the camera quality was more than good. Everything was seen perfectly and I had no problems with connection or lag. Few performers can be found with not so good camera quality, but each and every one of them is ready to provide everyone with one of a kind show that hasn’t been seen before.
Searching for the performers couldn’t be easier than this. Although you can use categories like anywhere else, there is much better feature than that. This new filer lets you select 4 different keywords all at once and you will narrow your search to just few almost the same performers. All types of categories are available here. There is content for those regular fans and there is enough content for every kinky fan out there.
Looking at this site isn’t limited to the PC anymore. Any phone can now support this site and the design is the same. Nothing has changed, but chatting with the performer is not available while you are watching a live stream.


First thing is that this site is the original one. Searching for anything is much easier with this amazing filter. More than 90% shows were in HD and there was no problem with anything. Bonus credits on each package is a good way to sell credits. The price of 1 credit is about 1 EUR, which is cheap.


Nothing is wrong with this site. Everything is like it should be.


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