- I haven’t heard of this site before


Date: November 7, 2017

Written by: Michael (Male, 23)


I spent some time looking at all kinds of live cam sites, but this is the first time I ran into this site. I was pretty surprised with how it looked because everything was easy to find. The dark background color pointed out the most important things on the main page and I got ahold of this site pretty fast. This site has more than just girl. I saw guys, couples and even trannies. So it doesn’t matter what you are looking for because you can find pretty much anything here. There are more than 500 models online at most hours and that number seems to rise from day to day.
I expected to find more features on this site. Searching for a show is pretty important when you have a lot of models online. However, the only thing I saw here were some tags. There were around 30 tags available and you could only select one tag at the time. It would be much better if I could select multiple tags at once because the search would be narrowed down to a lot less models than before. On this way, I have to scroll through a big list of models and hope that I will find some model that I like. Models can be also sorted out by a few things and that can help you out a bit.
You are not required to have an account to use this site. You can see all free shows without an account, but I wouldn’t recommend you that because you won’t get anything from that. You will just get ignored by models and that doesn’t have any use to you. Creating an account is completely free and it takes just a couple of moments. The best thing I did in the free show was find out something about a private show. Not all models like to do that same thing and I was glad that I found that out before starting a private show. Before opening a show, you can only see from which country is some model and nothing more is shown there.
Once I selected a private show, I made sure I had enough money to spend some time in there. This model was prepared to do pretty much anything I wanted. I expected to see some high prices, but in most cases, you could enter a show for around per minute, which isn’t too high. Off course, you can find some shows that can cost up to per minute, but it doesn’t mean that those shows are the best ones around here.
In most cases, the video quality was in HD. Some shows didn’t have that good quality, but the average quality is medium to high. The most important thing is that all shows are in fluid motion.
If you don’t have a lot of free time, you can use this site on a phone also. It worked pretty well on my android phone without any additional program. I could use everything like on a pc.


Enough models are online. Cheap prices usually.


Navigating could be better with the advanced search. The video quality should improve in some shows.


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