- I have so much fun on this site


Date: February 5, 2018

Written by: Harold (Male, 25)


Like on pretty much any site, you can find something nice and funny if you are in mood for something like that. If you are pissed off or feeling down, nothing will cheer you up. The good thing about this site is that this site is one of the top rated sites on the internet. This site offers many and many models, but not just any models. Most of these models are professional models and they know how to pleasure you. I’m not so sure about the exact number of online models, but there were definitely more than 1000 of them. That is actually quite a lot because some sites don’t have more than 300 online models. If you look at the number of all those models from another angle, you can see it also as a bad thing. When you start looking for someone special, you will end up with more models than on a site where there are much fewer models.
For me, it doesn’t matter if a site has 100 or 1000 online models. I will use features to narrow the search down no matter what. If I end up with no models when I am done with selecting all things, I will just go to some other site because that site apparently doesn’t have what I am looking for. The first thing I noticed here was categories. The left site was filled with all kinds of categories. You could find anything from MILFs to girls with all kinds of fetishes. This definitely wasn’t my first time on the site so I noticed some differences here. Categories were a bit different when I was here the last time. They are much better now because you can select more things than before and there are some useful filters added.
Categories can be fun to use and they can help you out, but the real deal is the advanced search. This feature allows me to select around 10 tags at once and that does the best job. I always end up with around 10 models and it’s easy to select one model from 10 of them. I didn’t end up with 0 models so far no matter which tags I selected.
You can take a peek into any show before paying for those shows. Each model that is online and that is not currently in a private show has a free show. You can open any of those shows for free and even without an account. You probably won’t see anything in a free show, like I didn’t. Models just sit there and taunt you with their hot bodies. If you like a model, you can easily take her to a private show.
You can’t even spend money on free shows so there is need to waste much time in there. Couple minutes in there can tell you enough about a show. To take models in private show, you need to visit the store first. There are 5 packages in there and each one gives you enough credits. Each package except the most expensive one has a bonus also. The price of 1 credit is a bit over 1 EUR and you get small discounts if you buy more credits.
Prices usually vary from show to the next one, but most shows have the same price. Prices go from per minute to more than per minute. That seems like a big difference, but most shows cost around per minute. You can find pretty nice shows for that amount of money.
Like on most places, there are different shows also. Some models offer you more than others and that is just it. You can’t do anything about it. You can only find out what show offers what and then go to the one you like the most. I think that every model gets naked in her show, but some of them won’t do more than that. There are some models that begin the show with getting naked, but they do more things till the end. That is a type of a show I am looking for.
The video quality here was only in HD. I didn’t think that the quality would be any different. Besides that, shows are also in fluid motion so that means I didn’t have any problems whatsoever.
The biggest surprise here was a show with remote controlled camera. You can’t see that on many places and I am pretty glad that I ran into one of those shows.
This site also worked on a phone. I can’t say much about it because I just opened it with my phone, but it worked almost like on a PC.


There are more than enough models online. Finding someone special was a piece of a cake. The video quality was only in HD and shows always run in fluid motion. The site seems like it improved since the last time I was here. Some things were improved and it’s much easier to use the site now.


Nothing is bad about this site.


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