Camplace - I have seen pretty much everything here somewhere else


Date: August 9, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 18)


The site has a white background color to which I am not used to. It would be much better if it was some dark color because my eyes would relax then. The main page has just shows, which isn’t bed because I came for only that. On top of the page, you can find different sections and the search engine. The site has around 200 models online and I counted more than 5000 registered here. Having only this little models is pretty bad because nowadays, you should have at least half of the registered models online. Navigating through the site is pretty easy because you don’t have many things there. Everything is just one click away and the site works great. Every show loaded really fast and I didn’t have to wait for anything.
I always like to have multiple options for searching a model because not everyone likes the same stuff. This site has both categories and the advanced search engine. There are around 15 categories available but after using them, you get a bigger group of specific models and that wasn’t enough for me. The advanced search allowed me to select multiple tags at the same time and after using it, I got no more than 10 models. I was pretty amazing with this feature because I tried it multiple times and it was always working perfectly. If you are a regular user of this site, you can just type on some model’s name and she will pop up.
One more thing that is important to me is to have a good camera quality. Most shows have a pretty decent video quality and the picture was fluid in most cases. There were also some shows that were in medium quality, but models were so hot that I didn’t even notice that the quality was little lower. Some cameras are equipped with movement options, so moving the camera is available during the show with a remote control. I haven’t seen these features on many sites and I am still amazed.
You can look at both free and private shows here. Sad thing is that you don’t have nudity included in the free show. I know I am asking a lot, but a little tease would hurt me. The best thing about the free show is a free chat window. You can use it at all times without paying for it. Creating an account before opening a show would be much better because models usually focus on those users who have an account. You can find out what some model likes or hates just through the free show. If you don’t like her, you can always skip to the next one.
The price of a private show varies because not all shows are the same. Some models are comfortable with just stripping down and some of them will do a lot more. The average price is around per minute but there are shows with higher and lower prices. It doesn’t matter the show is better if it is expensive. I found some shows that were cheap and they were the best ones. It pays out when you spend some time looking for a perfect model because you can save a lot of money. I would change just one thing and that is to show your current balance in the private show because one you get in, you won’t see your balance.
This site works pretty ok on my phone. I use an Android phone and I didn’t have any problems for some time. The video quality is amazing and shows load pretty fast. Using a chat window while watching the show is also available and it works better than expected.
This site uses credits for paying the shows and there are multiple packages in the sore. The price of 1 credit is around 1 EUR and you can buy around 20 credits in the least expensive package. Tipping the model is also available and the tip can be a custom number.


This site has a lot of cool features and they can really help you out. The best thing is the advanced search because you can search for a specific model using multiple tags. The video quality is good and the picture is fluid. Affordable prices and good shows.


I just don’t like that there is no counter of your current balance one you are in the private show.





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