- I have mixed feeling about this site


Date: December 15, 2017

Written by: Franky (Male, 30)


I heard of this site some time ago, but I only got the time to check it out now. I was welcomed pretty nice to the site. I saw enough models online and they were arranged in some nice order. There were 650 online models in total, but the girls were dominant like I expected. I only focused on girls so I won’t even mention guys and trannies.
At first, it seemed really easy to navigate on the site, but that didn’t last long. If there aren’t right features available for easier search, it will be much harder to find something. Like I said, while I was just scrolling through the main page, everything seemed fine, but later, I realized that something was missing. You could open one by one category to find someone specific, but that just takes too much time. I was hoping to see something like a filter. However, there was no sign of it anywhere. Besides categories, I saw two more drop lists that allowed me to narrow the search down a bit more. We didn’t start off with a good experience here.
I immediately noticed that there were more types of shows than usually. There were those regular ones like free shows and private ones. Everyone knows what those shows are. However, I still wanted to check them out a bit more because some free shows worked just on tipping and some didn’t. In those shows were you tip a model, she does something once she gets a tip. That is pretty cool, but some models ask too much to do something.
Private shows are just like on many other sites. Once you get in there, a model started to strip, dance and do something else if she is willing to. You can chat with the model while you are in the show and you can ask for anything from her. That doesn’t mean she will do it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Prices of these shows vary. I found shows for per minute and for per minute. That is a quite big difference between two shows that aren’t that different actually. I would say that the average price is around which is really not that cheap. Of course, not all models are willing to do the same thing in their shows, but be aware of those overpriced shows. You can get ripped off pretty easy.
Every model that is registered on this site has a free profile. You can check out what that model likes, dislikes and what she does in her shows. However, some of that information is false. I heard that many users complained that some models didn’t want to do what they stated on their profiles. That is just too low.
Let’s focus on these new shows finally. They are called buzzmode and connexion. They are pretty much the same and I don’t know what they are separated. Basically, every model in that section has a small vibrator in her pants that is controlled by users. How it is controlled by users? Well, with every tip, that vibrator starts to work. You select the speed and the durance of that vibrator. Of course, with bigger tips, the vibrator lasts longer which is logical.
The video quality varies. I don’t like to say that, but that was the case here. Some shows were in HD and the rest just wasn’t. The average quality was medium and that should improve because many other sites are pushing towards HD cameras only.
I’m not quite sure if there are more amateur models or professional ones. They looked the same to me. I usually see the difference, but I just couldn’t this time. Either way, I was quite pleased with what they did in their shows.
There were some issues with models that shouldn’t be possible. Most models just ignored regular users. They immediately thought that you don’t have enough money for their shows and they didn’t want to comply with any of your requests. That is definitely what lowers the number of visitors on the site.
You can check out recorded shows for cheap prices. They were pretty good, but I would just stick to regular shows that are live.
I checked this site on a phone and it worked great. Shows that were marked as HD were really in HD.
You can buy VIP membership, but I didn’t even consider buying it because it is too expensive. However, you get much better privileges with it.


Many models are online. Most shows have reasonable prices.


There were some issues with navigating on the site. The video quality wasn’t so good in some cases. Some models were rude to regular users. They just focused on VIP members.


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