iFriends.net chat hosts - Moved to Sexiercamgirls - I had much different opinion of this site before I opened it


Date: February 2, 2018

Written by: Rocky (Male, 28)


I think that everyone with some common sense would guess that this site was some dating site or something like that. When I saw the title of the site, I thought that it was anything but a live cam site. I guess I was wrong. It was actually a pleasant surprise because I was in mood for something like this.
This site has 2 views. You can look at more models and see only if a show is free or not. The other video is when you see one show below other show and there is some information about them. I prefer the first view because I can see that information after if I am interested in a model.
The site looks pretty regular. Everything was simple and there were no useless things on the main page. I saw only shows and few other things, but no ads. It was important that there were no ads because I hate seeing things like that.
The first thing I saw disappointed me. There were only 50 models online. That was very little and I thought that I wouldn’t find a show that was worth it. I didn’t want to say this now, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. I have a specific taste and I am looking for something special that not many models would do. Maybe I am the problem when it comes to finding a show, but I could find shows I liked on many other sites.
You don’t need an account to see what’s happening in free shows. You can open it right away and if you like it, you can do more. Free shows can also be good because you can tip a model. That means she will do something good when she gets enough credits. You can actually see how much credits she is asking for to do something. Usually, that is to play with a dildo or with a vibrator for limited time. If there are more people in a show, everyone in there can see that and if you spend the cost, you can see something nice for only a buck or two.
I didn’t come to stay in free shows so when I found a good show I headed to a private version. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but on most sites, the price of a show goes from per minute to around or more per minute. That was the case on all sites I visited and now, even on this one. The average price here was around per minute because there weren’t so many expensive shows.
Some models were doing more in their shows than others. Other users have the same opinion as me and I actually saw the difference. It only took two shows to realize that difference. One model was doing pretty much nothing but stripping, but the other one was ready to play with sex toys. Here comes the weird part. The difference in price between those two shows was just one dollar. That’ right. I couldn’t believe it. If I paid a buck per minute more, I could see pretty much everything a man desires for.
The video quality was usually in medium quality. That was one of the things I didn’t like here. It would be much better if these shows were in high quality. However, they were in fluid motion so that is pretty nice.
The last thing I found on this site was recorded videos. There were actually lots of videos here and I didn’t see the exact number. Someone said that there are definitely more than 500.000 videos and that seems very much. These videos are not that expensive and you can find something nice if you have some spare time.
Finding models here isn’t that hard, but it could be easier. The only thing I saw was categories. You had around 20 categories and that was the only way you could narrow the search down.


Most things on this site are pretty nice. There are some good private shows. You can access free shows at any moment. Prices are usually affordable. Some great shows are not expensive as I expected.


The video quality wasn’t as good as I expected. There should be more search features like the advanced search. There weren’t many models online.


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