Streamate - I had great experience here


Date: November 17, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 29)


Would you ever expect to find a live cam site that has more than 1500 models online? Well I actually managed to do that and I was left speechless. This site had around 1700 online models and that was more than enough. You could clearly see how many models were in which section so you don’t get confused at all.
The design of the site was really simple and that made it much easier to use it. I didn’t look for many things so I was pretty pleased. Everything I wanted was pretty much just one click away. The main page had only those things that you need like shows, search methods and that is pretty much it.
I didn’t expect to find this made models online so I was kind of in one problem. I was looking for something special and the number of online made it much harder. I know that many people would disagree that having many models is a bad thing, but I really mean that. It isn’t easy to find a specific show in a big pile of shows. However, there are a few features that made it much easier for me. The first one and the one I was hoping to find is the advanced search. I could select many tags at once and the search was narrowed down. There were still a lot of models online, but it was much better than before. Instead of looking at 1700 models, I had around 100 models. Scrolling through them was easy and selecting one show is also easy because those models who are left on the man page are pretty much the same. It is hard not to notice categories on the side of the page. I counted more than 40 categories and each one of them had a lot of models in there. Some categories even had more than 1000 models in them. This seemed pointless to use because after seeing the advanced search. Everything else was crap.
Once you find a show, you get to look a free version of it. Most models have a free show available and you don’t even need an account to see it. However, if you are in the show without an account, you will most definitely get ignored but pretty much everyone. Creating an account is really free and it takes just a few moments. You won’t see much in free shows and that is why I didn’t even bother to do that. The best thing I did was ask some questing about the private show and I found out enough to start the private show or go to the next model.
When I made up my mind to start a private show, I selected a show that had the best quality. Not all private shows are the same. Some models will do pretty much anything, and the rest of them will just get naked or do something like that. The price also varies. Some shows can cost per minute and some of them will go over per minute. However, I learned that the price doesn’t determine the quality of the show. Some cheaper shows can be as good as those expensive ones. The most important thing is that I left this place much happier than before.
I was quite pleased with the video quality. Most shows were in HD and they were all in fluid motion. Not one show was in low quality and there were no problems with lagging. Some models even have remote controlled cameras. Those shows allowed models to move camera and zoom in one them at any moment.
I saw both amateur and professional models. There were more professional models here and i wasn’t surprised. They knew how to handle in every situation so nothing could surprise them. However, I liked amateur models more because they were acting natural.
This site is compatible with phones also. I expected it not to work, but I was wrong. I didn’t even need some additional program to run this site. It was the same like on a computer and I liked that the most.
The store offers multiple packages for their users. Like on most sites, there are cheap packages and those expensive ones. I started with a cheap one because I didn’t want to buy many credits and get disappointed. The price goes down when you buy bigger packages but I wouldn’t recommend you to rush things.


Many models are online. Easy to use this site. Shows are amazing. Prices are usually affordable. The video quality is in HD.


Nothing is bad.


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