Pantybay Live Cams - I got mixed feeling about this site


Date: November 22, 2017

Written by: Steven (Male, 25)


Many people like to say ‘new is always better’, but I disagree with that. That is certainly not the case on this site. I had really good feeling about this site because it looked pretty well organized and it was easy to use. You could find anything you wanted with just a couple clicks. However, it turned out to be not so good after all.
This site is new and that means there are not many models online, which sucks. I think that no more than 100 of them were online and that is really a small number. These numbers should really go much higher pretty fast.
There is no need for any search features on this site, but it would still be nice to have some. I didn’t find any search feature and that is a really bad thing. If there were many models online, I wouldn’t be able to find someone specific that easy. However, I can just scroll through the main page for a couple of moments and I will find some model I like, I think. It doesn’t mean that I will find a model that I like if there aren’t many models online. The only thing you could do is see all models one below each other. It was pretty much the same like the shows are arranged. I don’t know what the point of this ‘search’ method is.
Luckily, every online model has a free show available for every user. You don’t even need an account to use and that is the best thing about it. If you don’t like some show, you can simply move to the next one. However, if you don’t like the site, you can just quit and you didn’t waste time for creating an account.
Free shows allow you to use a free chat window for free. Even guests without an account can use it. The best thing about that is that you can find out as many things as you want about a show by just asking questions. Some models won’t respond to those text and some of them will. There is no need to ask for a price of a private show because it is stated before you even open a show.
Some free shows can be quite good and some of them not so much. I had luck with one model that was already naked in the free show when I entered. That seemed strange, but it was because of tips. Models can be tipped at any moment and if the tip is big enough, the model will do something for you. The rest of models won’t do more than just sit on the chair.
I saw that the price varies from 30 credits per minute to 100 credits per minute. However, the average price and the amount most model charge is 60 credits per minute. That is still expensive because the price of 10 credits is . The store offers 5 packages I think and there are no discounts. You can only choose how many models you want to buy. I wouldn’t recommend buying many credits because you will probably waste your money on something not so good.
I was really disappointed with the video quality. I expected something new and good, and I end up with some poor video quality. In all shows, the video quality was medium. Luckily, shows were in fluid motion so that is a plus for them. The position of every camera was wrong. It was too close to a model so I think that all those models were amateur ones. That would explain some things here.
This site works on a phone just like on a pc. It sucks on the phone also so don’t use it.


Free shows are available.


Shows are too expensive. The video quality sucks. Not many models are online. Lack of search features.


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