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Date: December 22, 2017

Written by: Dotle (Male, 21)


I don’t like to stick to one site for a long time because I always like to see something new. There are too many sites on the internet and I really don’t know here to start. Someone recommended me this site and I didn’t have any clue about it before I opened it. When I finally did, it kind of looked familiar from somewhere before, but I couldn’t remember from where. It took me some time to realize that this site may be a copy of LiveJasmin. Everyone knows that site because it really is good, but there should always be some originality on the site.
You don’t have to worry about the number of online models here. You will most definitely find someone here with minimum effort. There are more than 500 of them online I think and that is quite a lot actually. I know that this site has tens of thousands of registered models like most sites, but there are not nearly enough of them online when you compare those two numbers.
When a site has many models online, you will have hard time finding a model just by scrolling on the main page. I mean, you can do that also, but it is much harder than you would expect. Most people have different taste and that means they are looking for different things. This site has a couple features and the best one to start with is the advanced search. This feature allows you to select up to 10 tags I think at once. That means you can narrow the search down to a lot fewer models than before. It doesn’t mean you will have just a couple models at the display. You will still have to scroll a bit to find someone in that smaller pile of them. I would stick to this feature because it allows you to narrow the search the most. It’s much better than categories or any other feature. Categories are pretty useful if you want to see all models that have the same hair, boob size and things like that.
Before even opening a show, you can see what happens in that show just by holding your cursor over it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to open it. Every online has a free show if she is not in the private one currently. You can open that show without an account so you can save time before finding something nice. You won’t be charged for anything in the free show so you don’t need any credits in there really. The chat window is available here and it allows you to chat with the model for free. You can find out something useful there really fast. Don’t expect to see some action in a free show because you can’t persuade model into that on any way. Tipping is not available and that usually persuades models into getting naked.
Every model also has a profile that is completely free and unlocked for everyone. You can see some pictures of a model and some useful information. That is enough to decide if you are going to that private show or not.
Prices of private show vary from one show to the next one. You can find shows that cost from to more than per minute. However, the average price is around or per minute. Shows that are affordable are pretty decent and you probably won’t regret watching them. You know how some sites let you open a private show, but you don’t know how much time you spent in there. Well, that is not the case here. Once you start the show, you can see exactly how much minutes and seconds you spent in there. You won’t lose track of time and that means you won’t spend more than you want to.
Some private shows are better than other ones. That is nothing new actually and that is the case on almost every site. There are models who don’t have boundaries and they also like to include toys in their shows. You can’t find better shows than those ones really. Other models will get naked in the best case and that is pretty much it. Don’t get in a situation to not see what you wanted because you didn’t find out enough things in the free show.
Don’t worry about bad video quality because all shows are in HD. At least all shows I opened were in HD and I saw more than 10 shows. They were all in fluid motion and none of them had problems with lagging or something like that.
You can clearly see that there are more professional models than amateur ones on this site. I kind of prefer amateur models because they find themselves in new situations sometimes and I like to see them handle it on the best way they can.
VIP shows are available on this site also. These shows are available rarely and not many models offer them. You can watch them just at some moments and only if you are one of the fastest users. Everyone who donates money to a model will get to watch her show when she starts it.
This site worked pretty well on a phone. I didn’t want to do anything special on the phone because I had access to a computer always. However, the layout of the site on a phone is just like on a pc. I got around the site easily because I knew where what was.


Many models are online. The video quality is in HD. Easy to use the site. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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