Strip Hilo - I expected a lot more of this site than I actually got


Date: September 26, 2017

Written by: Marko (Male, 20)


The idea of a having a site where model will strip for you while playing a game is pretty amazing. There isn’t one other site that is like this one and I really admire their originality. Although that this site is not so famous like many other live cam sites, there are a lot of models online. This site can have around 150 to 200 models. This site has models from all over the world so at some time, there can be much more models online than at some other times. The design of the site is pretty easy to use and the main page has just a few things available. You won’t get confused when you start searching for something because it is pretty hard not to find something. Keep in mind that this site has only girls available.
Luckily, searching for models is really easy here. Every search feature is in one place and all you have to do is select which feature you want to use. The best one on this site is the advanced search engine. You can select multiple tags at once and after you are done, you will have a lot less models on the display. Because this site doesn’t have that many models online, you can easily find some model with the advanced search because you won’t get more than 20 models on the display. Models can be sorted out by their language or by country from they are. This site also has categories, but sadly, there are only 8 categories available. You would expect to find all kinds of categories here, but models are only sorted out by the hair color and by continents. The last thing you can do is find some model by her screen name.
I was pretty sad when I saw that there are no free shows available. The only thing that is free is the chat show. I don’t see any point in that, but it is better than nothing. Using this show is the best for finding out what is actually expecting you in the private show. If the name of the site didn’t give it away, I don’t know what will. Basically, you play a game with cards and if you win, models will start taking off the clothes. There is a free demo show that shows you actually everything you need to know.
The first thing I will say about the private show is that it takes too long for a model to get naked. One show can usually last around 15 minutes until the model gets naked because sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That is exactly why I wasn’t a big fan of this site when I learned all that. You can spend a lot of money and not see a model naked at all. The price can vary from to per minute which isn’t expensive, but when you start losing, you can lose even for nothing. That money can be spent better on any other place. Now the good thing about this is that models are really polite in here. They behave really well and they tease you all the way through the show. Now the most important thing about this site. There is no counter that shows you how many credits you got left. If you lose track of time, you can spend all your money. It wouldn’t be a big problem if you only lost money on your profile. However, this site keeps the show going and if you don’t have money on your account, the bill will just move on the credit card without any notice.
Now, the video quality. I don’t know what to say about it. I wasn’t too impressed when I opened a few shows. Many shows were in poor video quality. It took some time for shows to load and they weren’t good after all. Some of them were in not so fluid movement so I was stuck with lagging and some other problems. Luckily, there are just a couple of shows that had a better video quality that was watchable. Most of these models were amateur models and it was hard not to notice that they are streaming from their homes. I ran into just a couple of models who were streaming from a studio.
This site actually works well on a phone. Every feature is available also there, but there are still problems with shows. It takes some time to get them started up and they are still in poor video quality. That needs to be changed pretty fast if the show plans to continue working.


Enough models were online. Finding some model is really easy with these amazing features.


Although the prices are cheap, you will need to spend a lot of money if you want to see a model naked. The video quality is crap. The show won’t stop if you run out of money and you will be charged directly on your credit card.


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