- I don’t regret spending money here


Date: July 26, 2017

Written by: Woods (Male, 26)


Like the site’s name said, this is truly a dirty hobby. Most of the people have one thing in common and that is looking at these kinds of sites. This exact site offers many possibilities for fulfilling your wishes with numerous models. There more than 7,000 registered models on the site and 200 were online when I checked out this site. The overall look of the site is quite pleasant. You don’t have many unnecessary things and getting around the site is really easy. The first thing I noticed new here is that you can see members near you. This feature is new to me and I think that there isn’t one more site that has this same thing. Besides this new feature, you have the usual ones like the advanced search, categories, and much more things.
Searching for the model is always one of the most important things on these kinds of sites and that is why the advanced search makes everything easier. You get to select more than 10 different tags that will help you find the model you are looking for, or at least narrow the search to just a few models. I could choose model’s age, height, weight, marital status and many new things that I wasn’t able to do on other sites. Finding some model is also available by typing in her screen name or by selecting a specific category. This site has more than 30 categories and you can find pretty much any content you can think of.
The site offers both free and private shows. The free show has a free chat window that lets you talk with the model without paying a cent. Most of these models try their best to respond to every text, but like on any other site, they will focus on users that are tipping them. There is no time limit for the free show, so everyone can spend as much time there as they want. The price of a private show can vary, but the average price is going from 200 tokens to 300 tokens. The site uses ‘DirtyCents’ as a payment method and there are 3 packages in the store. The least expensive package is 10 EUR and it has 800 tokens. The most expensive one is 50 EUR and it has 4000 tokens.
Besides live shows, this site has also recorded videos. There are more than 350,000 videos and more than 200,000 pictures. Most of these videos are n German or Dutch language, so most of these models are from Western Europe. The site can also be translated into a few languages.
The video quality is the most important thing on these sites and when it comes to the quality of these shows, it is without any doubts one of the best. Most of these shows are in HD or even SD. There are just a few shows that are of medium quality, but the picture is fluid in every show.
The content is daily updated and there are new videos, pictures and show each day. The site is also mobile friendly. Everything works the same as on the PC, and some things are even better on the phone. This site also works on a tablet and iPad.
Searching for the model can be done also by a region. The main map with regions is of Germany, so most of the models are from there.


The site has lots of new and cool features. Searching is available with both regular search and with the advanced search. Many models are online at all times, so I didn’t have any trouble with finding what I wanted. Recorded videos and pictures are available for every user. Cheap prices are the best thing here.


I really haven’t found anything bad about this site.


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