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Date: January 9, 2018

Written by: Fred (Male, 18)


I’m not saying that I hate this site, but I have seen better sites before. I didn’t like the design from the beginning. Everything was too bright and it kind of seemed like there were too many things on the display. It’s like they were trying to squeeze in more things on the main page.
The site shows that there are almost 4000 registered models on the site. That isn’t much at all. I expected to see more than that. There were around 200 of them online and that is also not so good. There is a bigger chance that you won’t find a show that you like if there are not enough online models. The perfect number of online models is little less than 500 of them. I had no trouble on sites which had that many models online.
You probably don’t like all models equally like I don’t. That is reasonable because everyone has a different taste. I didn’t want to select any show randomly because that is just a waste of my time. I decided to use some features on the site, but there weren’t many of them. I saw those tags on top of the page first. There were around 10 tags and I think that those were the most used ones. However, if you drop some list, you will see all categories on the site. There were around 30 categories and that was quite enough to narrow the search down. However, I was hoping to see something else. Most sites have the filter or the advanced search so I was hoping to see it here also. Sadly, it wasn’t here, or I just couldn’t find it. There is bigger chance that it is not available here because I looked everywhere for it. It took me a bit longer than I thought it would to open a show that seemed nice.
The good thing here is that you can look at free shows first. Most models have free shows available, but you need a profile to see them. If you don’t have a profile, shows will be blurry and you probably won’t see anything there. It takes only a minute to create an account and it is completely free.
You can see some good things in free shows if you get lucky. Tipping is available in these shows and that means models can agree to do something you ask them to. If you give them a nice tip, they will probably do something for you. I had some fun in free shows at the beginning, but I headed to private shows later because I didn’t want to waste my money and time. When you are in a free show, other people can also tip a model so you maybe get to see a model do something and you don’t have to pay for it.
Private shows have different prices, but most of them are pretty reasonable. I saw shows going for per minute and shows that cost more than per minute. As you can see, the difference between these two shows is quite big and the quality is not that different. Some cheaper shows can be as good as those expensive ones, or even better. There is no need to pay for expensive shows if you are not sure in their quality.
Most shows were quite different once I got in them. Of course, models will always tell you that their shows are the best ones, but you can’t trust them that easily. You can learn that on a hard way. Some models will only take off the clothes in their shows and that is it. And it will take them a lot of time to do that. If you are willing to pay for that, go for it. However, there are some models who like to do more than just get naked. I saw one model that was playing with a dildo right after I got in her private show. That was a good start honestly. There is nothing that turns me on than a girl who knows how to use a big dildo. I didn’t regret spending one cent in that show.
The video quality varies in most shows, but from what I saw, there were mostly HD shows. Some shows were in medium quality, but none shows I opened were in low quality. They were all in fluid motion and there were no delays whatsoever.
Like any other site, this site works on a phone also. You don’t need any additional program to run it. Just type in the address and the site will open.
Besides live shows, there are also recorded videos. Not many sites offer them so that is a big plus for this site. Most videos are actually recorded shows so you can watch them over and over if you like them. I’m not so sure about prices because every video has a different price.


Some shows are really good. Prices can be good in some cases. The video quality is in HD mostly. Recorded videos are available.


Not enough models are online. It’s harder to navigate on the site. Some shows were overpriced.


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