XCams.com - I don’t get all this fuss about this site


Date: January 30, 2018

Written by: Justin (Male, 29)


This site is somewhere between a great site and an average site. I’m not saying that it is not worth watching shows on this site, but that there aren’t that many special things here. You can find the same content on many sites like this one. The first thing I saw here was the number of online models. It was just the perfect amount. There weren’t too many and there weren’t too little models online. While I was there, there were 320 models online and that was quite enough to find few models that were better than other models. It was quite easy to get around this site because everything was so simple. There weren’t any useless things on the main page. You only had shows and few features that only helped me out. This site had free shows so I decided to check out few of them before doing anything else. I could easily see if a show was worth it or not just by spending few minutes in a show. Before even opening a show, I could see what’s happening in there just by holding my cursor on the show. If I saw right, tipping wasn’t available. Models could only get money if you go to a private show. That means any nudity is off limits in a free show. I could only see the quality of a show and see how a model looks like. Besides that, I could only chat with a model, but that didn’t make any sense to me. After a couple minutes, I created an account and I was ready to start a private show. When I registered to the site, I got 25 free credits. That was a nice thing for the beginning. There were multiple packages at the store and you get around 5 credits for around if I saw right. There are bonus credits for each package so you get more credits than the package actually contains. The most expensive package gives you around 400 credits for 60 EUR. That is actually not too much and you get around one hour of private shows. Every show has its price displayed on the main page. Most shows cost 5 credits per minute, but I also shows going for 7 credits per minute. There were no other prices. At least I didn’t see any other price. That didn’t seem too much because that was around per minute. It was a bit more expensive than on most sites, but it was worth it I guess. Some models had really great shows, but some shows weren’t that good. I was in only 2 private shows and one of those was really great and the other one wasn’t so special. This one model actually wanted to do most things I asked for. She even agreed to use a dildo during her show. That was the best part of my stay on this site. There is nothing better than seeing a model who knows how to use a big dildo. That other model was pretty much just doing a strip show. If I wanted to see a model naked only, I would go to some place where I get to see that for free. The video quality wasn’t so great. It was in medium in most cases. Shows were over a whole screen, which is a good thing. However, they weren’t in HD in most cases so that sucks. There were also VIP shows besides private ones. Those shows were too expensive for my taste. Most shows were 20 credits per minute which is around per minute. I don’t know one person that would spend that much money for something no so good. I forgot to mention that finding some show is quite easy here. You have around 300 at the beginning, but when you are done with using features, you can end up with only 5 of them. At least I did end up with that little of them. The advanced search was good for me on every site and on this one also.


There were just enough models on the site. Not too much and not too little. Most shows had reasonable prices. Navigating on the site was quite easy.


Some shows were just too expensive. VIP shows are off limits for me because they have too high prices. The video quality was in medium quality in most cases. That is not so good.


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