Live Privates - I didn’t see prettier models anywhere else


Date: January 19, 2018

Written by: Benjamin (Male, 36)


Maybe I did some nice models on other sites, but I was so amazed with this site that it left a very good impression on me. I don’t know from where to start. There were so many girls online that I didn’t; have to worry about not finding at least one model that is perfect for my taste. I am not so sure about the exact number of online models, but there were more than 500 of them for sure. This site doesn’t have a counter that shows you the number of models so I just listed pages until there were no online models anymore. You probably know that that takes some time and I don’t know why I did that. I saw all kinds of models while I was doing that so I learned something also.
It would be a waste of my time to just browse lots of pages until I find that one model that is special and it is better than other ones. When I got to this site, I immediately saw categories. There were around 30 categories and I could find anything from teen, MILF, blowjob to something nasty like deep throat, dominatrix, feet and many other things. As you can see, there is something for someone always. There wasn’t one single category that was empty. This feature was very good at the beginning, but I found something much better. Have you ever used the filter or the advanced search? This site has that feature also. It is a big hidden though, but when I found it, I didn’t need anything else. I could select 10 tags and that narrowed the search to fewer models right away.
I remember my first time here because I tried to find a model by typing all those tags in the search box. I was pissed off because nothing came up. You can only search for models by typing in their names. However, if you are new, you probably don’t know anyone’s name.
All models have free shows. Only ones who are currently in a private show are not available in free shows. If I wanted to see something in a private show, I checked out a free version first. That is a smart thing to do I think. Imagine opening a show that seems good, but it’s not actually. You would just waste a couple bucks for something you thought it was good.
There were some models that were up for some fun even in a free show. Of course, you wouldn’t see them naked, but they would spin around to show you what they got. That is all you can see in there. Free shows are good for finding out the price of a show and to see if a show is in good video quality or not. You are just wasting your time in there if you are looking for something else.
You probably know that private shows have different prices. Some are cheap and some are expensive. That is nothing new really. The average price is around per minute, I think. I am not so sure because there are so many shows that cost around per minute, but there is also enough of those show that cost more than per minute.
It really doesn’t matter if the price is expensive or not. You can be surprised with what models in those cheap shows offer. I know because I was surprised when I got in there. You probably expect to see a model naked only. Well, that wasn’t the case. I don’t know if I got lucky or not, but that one model was up for anything. She grabbed a big dildo and started pleasing herself. It was fun to watch her do that because I knew I couldn’t see anything better.
Have you heard of VIP shows? Well they are available here. There aren’t many of them, but here is still enough. I think that there were 10 shows or so when I checked out. That actually isn’t that much, but it is still enough. Those shows can be cheaper than you would pay for a private show, but they can also be more expensive. You never really know what is going to happen.
The video quality was one of the best things on the site. All shows were in HD. I mean really. There wasn’t one single show that was in lower quality than HD. I think that some shows were even in SD. On top of all that, all shows were also in fluid motion. You could just sit back in your chair and enjoy amazing shows without being interrupted.
You need credits to pay for private shows. The store has 5 packages I think. I just bought one package and that was enough for this stay. I think that I paid around 30 EUR for it and I got 27 or so credits. As you can see, the price of one credit is a bit over 1 EUR. There are more expensive shows and they have bonus credits. However, I didn’t feel like spending 150 EUR on some live cam site.


There were many models online while I was on the site. The video quality couldn’t be better. Shows were only in HD and they were in fluid motion. Most prices were reasonable. Shows could be really good in some cases.


Some features are a bit hidden. Someone who is new to a site wouldn’t find them easily.


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