- I didn’t find a better free cam site so far


Date: December 15, 2017

Written by: Franky (Male, 30)


While I was here for the first time ever, I was so close to leaving this site because it looked like crap. Everything was just too bright and there was nothing besides shows on the display. However, I decided to give this site a chance because I already opened it. I never heard of this site before so I didn’t have any clue what was I getting into.
The first thing I do when I get to any site is check the number of online models. There were as much as 100 of them online and that seemed just too low. That would explain why didn’t run into this site before. However, I would be glad that I did because you can’t even expect what is available here.
Like I said in the title, this is the best FREE cam site. Why I say free? Because all the action is in free shows. I just couldn’t believe that so I started opening shows randomly. All models in there were pretty much naked in the worst case. They liked to play with toys and other things during their shows. I just didn’t get why would they do that, but I found out that is because of tipping. When models get enough tips, they start to please their fans. Here comes the best part. You don’t even need an account to open any of these shows. You can be in there as a guest and watch the same thing like everyone else. If you don’t want to tip the model, you are a kind of a jerk because you enjoy the show because of other people. However, I didn’t have anything against that at first. But later, you just get bored of seeing a model doing everything for everyone, but nothing for you. That was the reason why I tipped her enough to get at least one of my wishes fulfilled here. I was pretty glad that models weren’t shy at all so they did everything openly.
Finding shows is pretty hard here. There is only one feature that can help you out. There are some tags on top of the page and they work like categories. You can open a big list of tags and select them, but one at the time. There is no filter that allows you to select multiple tags at once. That sucks, but I was fine with just browsing the main page and selecting one show from all shows. It really didn’t matter if that model was a brunette or a blonde girl because they were all willing to do everything they are asked.
The video quality wasn’t so special here. Most shows were in medium quality and that was the worst thing about the site. I could get around that harder navigating, but the video quality should always be in HD. I guess that the video quality is a bit lower because models are amateur here. I didn’t find one professional model and I really didn’t want to because I prefer amateur models in all cases.
Private shows are something that is not used here regularly. You can see everything in free shows, so why would you waste more money in private shows. Some people want to be alone with models and I get them. But I am not ready to pay 5 times more for the same thing I can see in the free show. The average price of private shows was around per minute which is quite high.
This site worked pretty well on my phone. Everything was just the same like on a pc so I didn’t have to use anything new.


Amazing free shows. Nice shows with every model.


Private shows are overpriced. The video quality is not so good.





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