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Date: June 6, 2017

Written by: Tyler (Male, 28)


When I first opened this site, the design of it looked kind of familiar. I couldn’t really remember where I saw something like this, but it didn’t really matter at that moment. So let’s start with my experience. I don’t know why, but the first thing I look at when I enter any site is the background color. I really don’t like the bright white one because I have poor vision and it kind of hurts my eyes. Luckily that wasn’t the case on this site. This site has a black background with a mix of blue.
First thing I am going to talk about is categorization. When you enter some site, you look through ‘popular’ models but in most cases, that isn’t what you are looking for. That is when you start searching for categorization. This site though about this exact situation and has put their categories on the left side of the page. It really can’t be missed. It is colored blue and it is much different from other contents on the site. There were a lot of categories, even more than I have expected. I say this as a good thing. Like on many other sites, girl’s sections are always full. By that, I meant that every category has at least few models in it, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.
One more thing that helps you search for models is a search engine. It is placed in top of the page and it is really easy to use. Just type in what you are looking for and viola.
This site doesn’t have only girl models. There are also guys and trannies. The placement of these sections is on a great spot. It is right next to the categories.
Let’s talk about girls first, because I’m into girls. I have started looking through the most popular list f models first. And I agree that they are most popular with a reason. There is also another way to sort these girls. You can sort them by their name or by the time they are on the site. You can also pick if you want to see more models with small profile pictures at one moment or you want to see less models with bigger profile pictures. Just below their pictures is some basic info, like how old is she and what is her rating. I have never looked at the new models first, but this time I have decided to change my habits a little. I was surprised when I saw that new models have that good rating, so I couldn’t resist entering one of the shows.
It was like I expected when I entered the show. A hot girl with a lot of make-up is sitting in front of the camera and pretty much doing nothing. I understand that there isn’t a girl who would get naked instantly in free show but I kind of wanted to see a little more to decide if it is worth spending some money on this site. I gave another try and I have selected the right girl. This time, the girl was also wearing tight underwear, but she was actually doing something sexy. She started dancing a little and showing her big cleavage. That was a sign that I need to see more.
To see more, I needed to create a premium account first. It wasn’t hard at all. I have put my basic information and credit card information and I was ready for new adventures.
Private show was something everyone dreams about. Basically, you can ask anything you want and look at the girl in action. Of course there are some limits, but I didn’t cross them. The quality of the show is high. Both performances and video quality, so I can say all the best things about shows.


I really like the dark background. It helps me look contents on this site. There are a lot of models of both genders and even trannies. High quality of videos shows. Little more categories than i have expected and that is a really good thing.


The design of this site reminds me of some other site so i think that it isn't that original.


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