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Date: May 22, 2017

Written by: Nicolas (Male, 18)


When I said exclusive models, I meant that these girls are one of a kind. They can’t be found on many sites. I somehow wanted to share my opinion about this site I was pretty amazed with how it looks. I haven’t done many reviews so I will do my best to include everything here. Let’s start with the organization of the site. Like on many other sites, there are few tabs that let you switch between videos, pictures and live shows. This is one of the things that I really liked. I could see what is new on this site, or just look at some models pictures to get some basic information about her looks and something else. One of the things that is really useful is the search box. If you can’t find something on the main page while browsing you can just select how you want to filer the page. There are few categories so you can surely find something you like. But if that isn’t enough, you can always search a specific model by her name.
First thing that I focused on when I opened the page was pictures of models. I wanted to find out if there are more pictures of that model when I just put my mouse on the picture, but I was more than surprised. Instead of showing more pictures, there was a short clip from probably her live shows that pretty much showed me what kind of actions will I get if I enter that show. One more thing that it showed was her information. Which language she speaks and where is she from. There I also an option that allows you to select if you want to look at free shows, the most popular ones, or the ones with specific price. Pretty much, you could select anything you like. Like any other visitor, the first thing I checked out was free shows. Before I could enter, I needed to create a free account that didn’t take much of my account. I didn’t even need to give my real information. Now let’s talk about the real stuff. I was satisfied with what I was in these free shows. The models were really hot. They would do most of my wishes, but like every other model, there were some things that were done only in the private show because if they did them in free shows, they wouldn’t earn money.
All I have to say about premium account are positive things. The prices were high. They were much lower than I expected. And private shows didn’t require that much money, so yay me. I could see a lot of shows and look at these models do a bunch of stuff without spending a fortune.
I have mentioned tab with videos earlier. These videos were previous live shows from these models. They weren’t free of course, but they weren’t expensive at all. And they weren’t short videos like on many sites, they were really long, like 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can’t find that anywhere.
The last thing I will talk about is on the very bottom of the page. It is something I have never seen before on these sites. That is schedule of models. And it was sorted by days and hours. This was the thing that decided my opinion on this site. If someone wants to please their visitors no matter what, even if that is by giving them exact time of models shows, I can only say they are one of the best sites with this kind of material.


Schedule of each model sorted by days and time is something that makes this sire really great. You can switch between live shows, pictures and videos of previous shows. Also there is an option that lets you sort models. You can choose if that is by region where they from are, place from where are they performing and many more.


There is pretty much nothing negative i would say about this site. Maybe i would only add a little more options when you want to search for models. Like don't search for her name. It would be better to search her by body parts like big tits, brunette, teen...


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