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Date: August 12, 2017

Written by: Bart (Male, 22)


I like seeing a site that has colorful design when you open it. This site has only shows on its main page and that is the best kind of a design for me. There are no useless things on a visible place and that makes this site much easier to use. Navigating through the site is pretty easy because everything is just one click away. I had experience with sites that constantly annoyed me with pop up ads and I just couldn’t handle them. Luckily, this site doesn’t have anything like that and you aren’t even reminded to create an account. I counted around 250 online models but that number varies from 150 to 300. It just depends in which time you open the site. There are little over 6000 registered models here and when I saw that only 300 of them were online, I was kind of disappointed.
Searching for a specific show is always important to me because I have a speck taste. I like all girls on every site, but I like to watch just one type of them and to find them, I need amazing features. I noticed only two features here for this exact thing and they are pretty good. The first one is categories and this site has around 10 categories available. However, using these categories is pretty useless because only 2 categories had models in them, even if there were a lot more models online. The other way for searching models is by entering their exact screen name, but you can use this only if you know their names. So, I can say that this site doesn’t have very efficient methods of searching models. I was disappointed when I saw that there was no advanced search. That would make everything much easier because you get to choose multiple tags at the same time.
When it comes to shows, you have two ways of looking at them. You can either look at model’s profile picture, or you can look at a screenshot of a live show. Opening a show is done with just one click and the show opens really fast.
This site has both free and private shows available. Free shows are available to every user even if you don’t have an account. I would recommend you to create an account because models do like to see a user with an account. Using a free chat window is also available and you get to know model before going anywhere further. This feature is a really useful if you don’t want to spend money before deciding if you like that model or not. Every model has a profile so you can also find out some useful information on her profile, but talking with her is much more efficient. I tried out many shows and in none of them I got to see some nudity.
The private show has a lot of differences and the first one is that you get to see nudity. Not all models are ready to do the same thing, but most of them will take of the clothes and comply with some of your wishes. The main thing you should focus on is to be polite to a model because they will reward you for that.
Paying for shows is done with previously bought money. You can use multiple payment methods and there are multiple packages available in the store. The price of a private show can vary, but the average price is around per minute. I found some shows that were really cheap and they really were worth my money. However, I also found some expensive shows that weren’t good at all. So, the price doesn’t determine shows quality.
The video quality is one of the most important things on these kinds of sites because no one would like to look at bad shows. This site has only the best quality and the picture is always fluid. I noticed that some cameras can be moved with a control remote during the show, which is a pretty amazing feature.
Browsing this site is available with your phone. It worked really well on my Android phone and everything was like on the PC. The video quality was better than expected because most sites are crap on the phone.


I really appreciate that this site has lots of models online. Prices are affordable to most people. Good video quality and fluid picture.


I got an error saying that my IP address was banned. There is no advanced search.


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