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Date: July 10, 2017

Written by: Mark (Male, 24)


If you would ask me to write the title again without looking deeper in the site, I would say that opposite thing. The first impression was nothing spectacular actually. I haven’t seen something that wasn’t seen somewhere before. I wanted to see what kind of shows were here, so I opened one of them randomly, but I had opened 2 shows that were offline at the moment. That disappointer me a little, but I didn’t give up yet. This site really has few useful features even though I wouldn’t say that they were there.
This site has about 700 performers online in most hours and there are more than 5,000 of them registered here. They are not all the same and I don’t know if there is one fan that likes all the performers equally. I wanted to look at girls that I liked the most and I needed to sort them somehow. I was pretty amazed when I saw that performers can be sorted by their language or the region. These two features narrowed more than I have expected, but I still wanted to use categories. If I am right, there were more than 30 categories and categories were divided into sections. You can choose age, hair color, and skin color all differently.
I didn’t think that this site would have different types of shows. Everyone knows about free and private shows, but there were 3 more shows. Free shows are like anywhere else. You get to look at the performer while she is sitting on the couch and she isn’t doing pretty much anything. However, this site has a new type of the free show where you get to tip the performer with any amount you want. Every tip has a reward and that reward is usually paid back when the performer starts playing with the vibrator. Private shows are much better than this because you get to ask for much more things. Although there is a limit when it comes to these things, but these performers are ready to do pretty much anything. The price can vary because some performers are ready to do more and others are not. Some shows cost around 2-3 dollars, but some cost even for 1 minute. There is a little problem here because when you start the private show, you don’t have a timer that shows you how much time you have spent here. So if you get stuck in there, you will lose all your money really fast, but I guess that will be worth it. Those new types of show are "buzzmode" and "connexion". In both these shows, you get to tip a performer like previously, but this time, you immediately chose the speed of the vibrator in her pants. So that means if you tip her more, the vibrator will last longer and it will go much faster.
The camera quality is usually really good, but there are few shows that have medium camera quality. However, that slight difference isn’t very noticeable because every show is without any doubts better than anywhere else.
Browsing this site isn’t limited just to the computer. Every feature and the site itself are compatible with any phone or tablet. However, there are few differences in the show because you can’t chat with the performer while watching the live stream.


There are more than enough features on the site that make a search for the performer much easier. About 700 performers are online always, so there is a performer for everyone always. For those kinkier freaks, there are special categories filled with only kinky content and nothing more. Great camera quality in each of these shows and there are few more types of shows that aren’t available anywhere else. The price of private shows is not high.


The design is little outdated. First looking on this site was pretty much awful because there was nothing spectacular about anything.


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