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Date: June 21, 2017

Written by: Bill (Male, 22)


I have spent looking at these kinds of sites a few years already and I think I know when a site is a copy of some other site. However, you can’t really know it this site is a copy or it is the original one and all the others are copies. There are just too many sites now and you just leave it be. Let’s forget that and talk about what this site has.
I got used to looking at background color first every time I open some new site. This site has ok background color. It is not certainly what I would use but it is better than some bright white or yellow color. This orange color is thankfully darker so it is much easier to look at it than looking at any other bright color.
If the site’s name didn’t give it away, then I will. This site is all about mature women who are ready to please you with their amazing skills. There are all kinds of them and it is all up to you which you want to look at.
Because there are a lot of girls here, there are categories. They are easily found on the main page and they are colored little different so I didn’t have any problem with finding them. There are about 20+ categories and these models are arranged in that way so you won’t find something you are not looking in some other category. Besides this way of selecting a model, you can use this other method to arrange them by their popularity, name or time spent on the site. So, you can first see models with 100% rating and then their rating slowly decrease. Same goes for the name. You will first see models with first letter A and then B, C and so on. There is also one more thing that I found useful and that is to select if you want more models to appear at one time or fewer. I personally like when there are fewer models because their profile picture is smaller and you can see more details.
Finally, let’s talk about the shows. There are two kinds of shows. Everyone should start with a free one because you get to see lots things about the model and you won’t waste your money if you don’t like what you see. You can also use the chat section that is next to the live stream and talk with the girl. I was impressed that every girl actually responded to me. I kindly asked what I was hoping to see and I got the answer. I wasn’t like some guys that are just too rude and go like ‘show your tits’ and something like that. I think I found just the perfect girl. She was really pretty and don’t forget, smoking hot. Before going to the private show, I needed to get some credit. Before that, I saw that there was some promotional price where you buy some amount and you get more on top of that. It ended up about 1$ for 1 credit. It wasn’t that bad, it is actually pretty cheap for me. Private shows are everything that you won’t find in the free one. The girl is still the same but she does a lot more things than you would expect. I didn’t push the limit and I am glad I didn’t because I got all my wishes fulfilled and I got a little extra on top of that.
One last thing I think it is worth mentioning is that you have a section named ‘Awards’. That is the part of the site that has its top 100 models in one place and you get to vote and select which one is the best of them all.


I didn't see more mature girls in one place like here. They are arranged perfectly, just the way I wanted it to be. This site has good background color. It is not too bright and it is not too dark.


I like everything about this site, so there are no bad things if you ask me.


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