Streamate - Great cam experience with lots of models


Date: October 25, 2017

Written by: Ilov (Male, 22)


The first thing I noticed on this site when I came here is the number of online models. It said that there were 1600 online models and that was pretty good. All these models are divided into many different categories so you don’t have them all at one place. That would just make things much harder for everything. The design here looks pretty simple and you don’t have many things on the display. you can only choose a show from the main page or search for it with one of available features. I just don’t like the bright background color and that should change in my opinion. Navigating on the site is also pretty easy because you can’t miss click on many thing like on other places.
Searching for some show or a model is pretty simple here, even if that seems odd. It doesn’t matter that you have 1600 models online, with one of features, you can narrow the search down to a lot less models than before. The best feature in my opinion is the advanced search. It allows you to select around 50 tags at once, but that doesn’t mean you have to select every tag. You can find a smaller group of specific models pretty easy with this feature. There are categories on the side of the page and you can clearly see how many models are in which category. I saw more than 30 categories and not one category was empty. If you know someone’s name, you can also look for that model by just typing in her screen name in the search box.
It’s pretty nice to see that most models here have a free show available for every user. Before even started the show, you can see if that model is currently available in the free show or not. Most free shows are there just so you can test the quality of the show and nothing more than that. Models will probably talk to you while you are in there, but you can also get ignored if you are not behaving nice or you are being rude to someone. The best thing in the free show was the chaw window that allowed you to chat with the model. I found all I needed about some model before going to a private show. If you don’t like something, you can simply move to the next show without paying anything first.
If you want to continue to private shows, you need money first. The store offers you multiple packages and you only need to start with one. I would recommend you to start with the cheapest one because you will get a small amount of credits and that is just enough to test a couple shows. There are also those expensive packages where you spend 0 on them and you maybe don’t even get to spend them all.
Private shows usually have different prices, but the average price is around or per minute which isn’t high at all. You can find some cheaper shows than the average ones, but you have to spend some time while looking for them. There are also not so many really expensive shows, and I think that some of them are overrated. Models will do all kinds of things once you are in the private show, but don’t push the limits with models because not all of them will do the same thing. That is exactly why you should find out something about a model before paying for anything.
The video quality is usually in pretty nice quality. Most shows nowadays have an HD camera and they all run in fluid motion. Some cameras can even be controlled with a remote control and that can help you out in some cases. This site has both amateur and professional models and you can clearly see the difference between those two.
One more type of the show here is the gold show. This show costs a little more than other shows, but you get to see something special in there usually. You won’t be in there alone and that didn’t mind me because I was just focusing on the model.
There is a pretty nice version of this site for a phone. It runs in nice quality on my android without any additional software or program. You can do pretty much everything like on a pc, but you only have a smaller screen than on your computer.


Many models are online. Most shows are in HD. Great search features.


Nothing much is bad here.


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