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Date: January 8, 2018

Written by: Rony (Male, 26)


I got to this site through seekcams so I ended up in a show right away. I saw one how model and I saw some useful things in there right away so I will talk about that first. The video quality in that one shows was really great. Everything was clear and that show was in fluid motion. I just didn’t like that the model was too close to the camera. I could only see her head and shoulders. I came here for a bit more than that. That was a good sign for the beginning so I decided to find some real action.
The site has around 300 models online at most hours and I think that that is quite enough. It’s not too much and not too little. You will probably find a model that suits you. There is no counter that shows the number of online models, but you can see how many models are online from categories. Each one shows how many models are online in there. There was not one category that was empty.
You need to find a model that is good for you and you won’t waste your money. I tried doing that right away but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I could only use categories and that didn’t narrow the search enough. There were still too many models. Of course, some categories had around 15 models online, but I was not interested in those categories. Like I said, it took some time, but I found one models I was ready for my journey here.
I’m still not sure if all models have free show, but this one did. I was looking at her for a couple minutes and then I started to tip her. Yes, tipping is available and that only helps out. Models usually won’t do anything in a free show, but if they get enough tips, they will most likely get naked. Good thing about these shows is that you are not alone. Other users can tip a model also and that only speeds up the process. This one model took off the clothes really fast and that spiced things up. She was even more beautiful without clothes so I didn’t want to waste my time in a free show anymore.
When I started the private show, a small counter appeared and showed me how much time I spent in there. That is a good way to be aware of how much money you also spent in there. I guess that not all shows were the same, but I know enough about this one. I also checked out model’s profile before opening a show so I knew exactly what was I getting into. It didn’t take her long to grab a dildo near her and started playing with it. That was one of the best things I ever saw. I didn’t regret one second of that show and I would come there anytime.
Prices of shows can be seen before opening a show. Most shows cost 5 credits per minute which is around per minute. Some shows cost up to 9 credits per minute, but that is not too high. I saw shows that are much more expensive on some other sites.
I think that I only saw 3 or 4 shows here, and the video quality in all those shows was pretty good. I think that all shows were in HD and they were most definitely in fluid motion. There is nothing better you can see than a good show in good video quality.
Besides live shows, this site also has recorded videos. Some video are really long and some of them last only few minutes. The price also varies for these videos. Some videos cost 200 credits and some cost 400. I really don’t know how the price changes because some shorter videos were much more expensive than those long ones. I guess that there are some really good things in these videos because people actually pay to watch those recorded shows. Videos are basically like on porn sites. You can see a solo girl in action that plays with herself.
The site worked nice on a phone also. Shows were over my whole screen and I enjoyed them just like on a pc.


Enough models were online. The video quality was nice. Most shows were affordable. You can find recorded videos here.


There should be more search features. Prices of recorded videos seem too much for me.


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