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Date: August 16, 2017

Written by: Kornel (Male, 27)


Over the years of looking at many porn sites and live cam sites, you get bored of that mainstream content when a model just takes off the clothes and doesn’t nothing spectacular. When I ran into this site, I got excited immediately because I knew I would find something worth spending some time on. I always thought that there aren’t many models on these kinds of sites because not many models are into kinky stuff, but I was wrong. I counted more than 200 models online at the time I was online and if I am right, there is more than 5000 registered models here. The dark color of the background makes everything easier to find because everything is just pointed out because of the color mix. Navigating on the site is really easy because everything is just one click away.
The first thing I wanted to do is find a show that suit me the best and because there are many models here, I needed to narrow the search. There are two ways of finding a model and the first one noticed are categories. I counted around 30 categories with fetishes. This features helps out a lot, but you still have many models on the display which isn’t what I wanted. The other way to find a model is to type in her screen name. This feature can be used only if you know some model’s name, but if you are a new user of the site, you can’t know anyone’s name. One of the best features that exist misses from this site and that is the advanced search. It would be much easier to find models with this feature.
It is really good to see that there are free shows available for every user. Even if you don’t have an account, you can look at these shows. The free show has a chat window right next to the live stream and you can use it for free. This feature is best used when you want to find out what is expecting you in the private show. Models like to tease you a bit just to get you in the private show so, it is pretty important not to rush things because you can pay for the show and then you realize you don’t even like it.
No one comes just for free shows because you can’t see any nudity there. The price of a private show varies, but the average price is around per minute which isn’t much. I found some models that are charging less than that, but you have to look for some time to find those shows. It is much easier to find more expensive shows, but they aren’t anything spectacular when you compare than to the other shows. Some cheap shows are much better than those expensive ones and I couldn’t believe that. It depends what fetish you select, but every model will do much more than just take off the clothes. That is why this site has this exact name. Being polite and nice to a model will lead you to some wonderful places because if you are not rude, you will most likely get all your wishes fulfilled.
Who would like to look at bad shows really? Well even if there is someone like that, he won’t have luck here because all these shows are in the best quality that exists. Every show I opened was in full HD and the motion was always fluid. There were no problems with the internet connection and shows loaded pretty fast. I was really surprised when I saw that some cameras have movement options so controlling them with a remote control during the live stream is available. Zooming in and zooming out in these shows is pretty usual thing and you can’t go wrong with that.
This site uses credits as a payment method and there are multiple packages in the store available. Right after creating an account, you have to buy one package if you want to continue. The price of 1 credit is exactly and there are no discounts on bigger purchases. The most expensive package is 0 and the least expensive one is .
Using this site is available on any phone, but it is just a little bit harder to use it on the phone because you are limited to a smaller screen. It seemed like the video quality was better here than on a computer, but I may be mistaken.


Many models are online on this site and they really know how to please their fans. Multiple features are available for free. Prices are affordable in most cases. The site works on my phone. Navigating on the site is easy.


There is no advanced search.


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