- Good site with lots of models


Date: August 11, 2017

Written by: Bas (Male, 18)


It is pretty easy to know what this site is all about because the name of the site says it all. However, after opening the site and looking at models, I didn’t know if those models were really shemales or not. They were all just pretty and hot and I didn’t see their private parts on pictures. The design of the site amazed me because it was really simple and navigating through this site was easier than anywhere else. Everything was just one click away and I wasn’t annoyed with pop up like on most sites. I counter around 100 models online, which isn’t a small number when you have only shemale models. There are around2000 registered models and that is better than on most other sites. But when you have only 100 models out of 2000, that isn’t good ratio. One of the best things here is that you have both free and private shows. Although it says that below the show, it is still worth mentioning it. Not all models have free and private shows. Some models are just willing to do nasty things if you pay them first. I like to test out a show first before spending a cent on it. Like I said, it is good to have a small section below the show that shows you if the show is free or not. Free shows have a chat window that is completely free. You can use it for how long you want and models respond to you in most cases. Having an account is a big advantage because models will focus on those users who can spend some money. If you are listed as a guest, you can’t spend money for sure. It is good to see how many other users are in this exact show because that shows you if a model is popular or not. The private of a private show varies because not all models are ready to do the same things. Some models will just take off the clothes and that is pretty much it. However, there are also models who will do anything you ask them, even if that is something really nasty. The key thing here is to be nice to models because no one likes rude people. The average price of a private show is per minute, but you can find shows that have different prices. I spent some time on the site and I have found some shows that were cheaper, but those shows were the best ones. It doesn’t mean if the show is expensive that it will be good. Searching for a model is really important to me because I don’t like all models equally. There are multiple features available here and the best one is the advanced search engine. It allows you to select multiple tags at the same time and the search will be narrowed to just a few models in most cases. I tried it out a couple of times and I always got the same result. You can also select all these tags separately and you get a bigger group of specific models. If you are a regular user of the site, you can also type in some model’s name and you get only that model on the display. This site works well on my phone. I tried in on both iPhone and an Android and there were no problems. The video quality was really good and I had no problems with lagging. Talking with the model is also available during the live stream. There are recorded videos available here and they aren’t that expensive. One video costs around , but that video becomes available for exactly one hour. After that, you need to pay for it again. This site uses credits as a payment method. There are 3 packages available in the store and the price of 1 credit is exactly . There are no discounts on bigger purchases so I wouldn’t recommend buying bigger packages for beginning.


Amazing features are available for free. The video quality is better than on most other sites. This site works well on my phone and there were no lags. Recorded videos are available for cheap prices. The private show is available to everyone, and the average price is affordable to most people.


I don’t like that not all models have a free show. Buying a video isn’t permanent. You need to pay for the video every 1 hour.


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