CamContacts - Good site, don’t believe what everyone else says


Date: June 28, 2017

Written by: Michael (Male, 18)


The first thing I saw on this site was how many models were online and how many of them were offline. I haven’t seen this feature anywhere else. Even that this site looks like amateurs created it, it is actually really easy to use and there are no confusing options here. Shows are divided into many sections and each section shows how many models are there. It depends what kind of content you are looking for, but there is something for everyone. There are non-adults, softcore, hardcore, strip and many more sections. There are no categories because shows are already divided like this.
This site has about 100000 models when every section is combined and about 1000 models are online at every moment. And that is the least of them online at one moment. There are usually a lot more models online than that. Like on most of the sites, there are free shows and there are private shows. Free shows are here to give you an insight in any show before deciding if you want to look at more of that show or not. However, free show will get you only the chat part. If you want to look at the video show, you have to pay already, even if that is the ‘’free’’ show.
The free show didn’t give me almost any satisfaction because I was just typing and typing and I didn’t come for that. I just knew that this model was ready to do more so I had to pay at that moment. When it comes to the prices, they can vary. Some of the models were charging 50 cents per minute and here were ones that charged about 3 dollars per minute. You get how much you pay for it. And that really is true. I tried going into those cheap shows and into those expensive shows and you can really see the difference. Both of the performers were getting naked and doing some amazing things but there was always something that those more expensive shows had. It would just give me more satisfaction because of the way that model did something. Video quality of these few shows I have looked at was without any doubt really good. There was no delay, lag or something like that. I could see everything perfectly clear and I just relaxed while watching the show.
Even that there are no categories visible on the main page, you can still search for models by selecting one of these categories in the drop list. There were about 20 categories and every one of them had lots of models and I can say that bigger part of them was smoking hot. I haven’t seen that many hot girls in one place for some time now.
Besides those video shows where you watch one model with more guys there, you have that private show that really is private. It is one on one show and you have to pay extra for it. It costs about 4.50 dollars, but that price depends on the model. Some of them charge little less and some of them charge little more.
Most of these girls speak more than just one language so you can pick the model based on her language and when it also comes to the language, you can change the sites language into 5 different languages. English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish are available. However, some models speak Russian, Italian and other languages.


Good thing is that there are more than 50000+ models on this site and there are about 1000 models online at all times. They usually speak more than one language so they can be sorted by the language. Site itself can be translated into 5 different languages. Every category shows how many models are there and how many are online right now. Prices are cheap. The prices vary, but they usually go from to for video shows and about for private shows.


I would appreciate much more if those video chats were free at the beginning so you can later go into private show to have more fun. Paying for something that you can’t taste first is not smart. Also, this site has nothing that spectacular. It looks like amateurs created it just because they were bored.


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