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Date: October 6, 2017

Written by: Coral (Male, 27)


When someone says that first impressions aren’t important, that person is probably lying. When I opened this site, I saw that there was a nice color mix in the background and that most important things were in a visible place. It was hard to miss that this site has guys, girls and even transsexual models available. If I counted right, this site has more than 400 models online at most hours and sometimes even more than that. There are tens of thousands of registered models on this place and that is quite amazing. It doesn’t’ matter what kind of content you are looking for, with features available on this site, you can find pretty much anything and let’s start with that.
I spent some time on these kinds of sites and I knew what I was looking for. The advanced feature was something I like to check for when I open a site. Luckily, this site does have it and everything becomes much easier after finding that out. You can select up to 6 different tags in the filter at the same time and you will get a pretty nice result. I tried this feature multiple times and I got a nice result every time. Besides this feature, you can also use categories that are on the site of the page. I counted more than 30 categories from Brunette, Blonde, MILF all the way over to Deepthroat, Dominatrix and similar to that. You can really find pretty much anything. Every category has at least one model in there so you won’t end up with an empty category. The last thing that is used for searching models is regular search box. You can just type in some model’s name in there and you will find only that model. This is useful if you actually know someone’s name and if not, you probably don’t have any use of it.
This site has a favorites tab available for everyone on the site. You can select any model to be in there and you will get notifications when that model comes online or goes offline. And that is not all. You will also see when she starts a free show or a private one. Models in this tab will stay in there until you kick them out of there.
As I mentioned, this site does have free shows. This feature is pretty good because you can check the quality of some show before starting the private show. Models in free shows won’t do pretty much anything. They are just sitting on the bed or chair and talking, listening to music or something like that. Tipping the models is not available here so you probably won’t see any action in the free show. If you scroll a little down in a free show, you will find model’s profile there. There is information about what she likes and hates and there is even a photo gallery included for free. For me, the chat window in the free show is the most useful because you can chat with the model for free. You don’t even need an account to use this feature, but I would recommend if because no one pays attention to someone that is listed as a guest. Creating an account is free and you don’t even have to buy credits first. I tried to find out everything about a private show and models actually talked about that. If I didn’t like something, I would just move to the next one.
When it comes to a private show, you need to find a model that will be worth your money. That stands if you don’t want to waste your money. If you do, that is all up to you what you do with the money. Most shows cost around per minute, but there are shows going from per minute to per minute. Just a little shows can cost around per minute and I think those shows are overpriced. I’m saying that because I found some cheaper shows that were the same like those expensive ones or even better than them. Some models won’t even get naked in the private show. They are just here to make a friend or something like that. The rest of them will probably do something that you want, but still, better ask before spending your money.
Shows on this site are paid with credits. The store offers multiple different packages and you just have to start one package for beginning. The least expensive one and the one I started with cost 21 EUR and I got 18 credits in there. You get enough credits in this package to see how everything works on the site. Besides this package, you can packages that can give you 100 credits, 50 credits or even 160m but the price of those packages is much higher than the least expensive one. When you buy bigger packages, the price of 1 credit will go down for a little bit. The price of 1 credit is in all cases little over 1 EUR.
The3 video quality is pretty nice on this site. Every model I selected had a HD camera and the most important thing was that shows were in fluid motion. Every detail could be seen without struggling to see them.
The last thing you can do with this site is use it on your phone. I tried using it on my Android and most things worked well. I didn’t expect to see everything working perfect, but I was satisfied. Using this site on a phone is good for short trips and if you want to do something better, wait until you get back to the PC.


Many models are online constantly. Every model has a free show available. Prices are affordable in most cases. Search features are the best one around. The video quality is in HD.


Nothing is bad on this site.


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