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Date: September 8, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 33)


When I first opened this site, i noticed that the creators of this site really did a well job when they were creating this site. The main page has all the necessary things and there isn’t a one thing you can’t find. Navigating through the site couldn’t be easier because the dark background color points out almost everything else. I noticed that the main page has shows, categories, search option and a few other useful things. If I am righty, then this site has around 300 models online at most timed. I checked it out a couple of times and the number was almost always the same every time. The site has tens of thousands of registered models and that is quite big number. It would be much better if there were much more online models at the time I was there.
Searching for models here is pretty easy. The first thing I noticed was the search box. It is on the top of the page and it is hard to miss it. You basically have to enter someone’s name in the empty field and only that model will pop up. This can do a pretty nice job, but you have to be a regular user of the site to know someone’s name. There are also categories available and they can do a much better job. I counted more than 40 categories available and each one of those categories had a number with online models in there. I didn’t find the advanced search here and that would only make things much better now.
When it comes to shows, you can either look at free shows or at private ones. The free show is a pretty useful thing because you can find out most things there before going to the private show. There is a free chat window that allows you to chat with the model for an unlimited time and you can ask model all the things you want. Models usually respond to every text, but keep in mind that all models focus on talking with those users who will most likely spend money on them. You can use free shows even if you don’t have an account. You will be listed as a quest and probably, everyone will ignore you. Creating an account is free and I did that immediately because I had nothing to lose. Keep in mind that models will not get naked in the free show so there is no need to constantly ask them that. Maybe they will, but I didn’t get to see that in the free show.
The private show has everything you will probably want to see. I think I got lucky because I found a perfect model really fast. She was willing to do everything I asked her to do and I kind of liked that. The price of a private show can vary, but not so much. Most shows here cost around per minute, but there are shows that can go around for per minute or per minute. The price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show so you shouldn’t even consider the price when you start selecting shows. Some cheap shows were much better than those expensive ones and I am glad I searched for some cheap shows first.
The video quality is really good. I have seen better, but you probably won’t find better quality than this really easy. The movement was fluid and shows didn’t have any problem with the lag or the internet connection. They loaded pretty fast and the content in there was amazing also. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control which is a pretty nice thing. I got to see some models who were zooming in on their private parts.
This site works pretty well on a phone and I can’t complain really. It worked well on a Android phone and the video quality was pretty nice. It was even better than on a pc, but that may be just because the screen was smaller. It was just a little harder to use the site because I had a much smaller screen.


Many models were online. Amazing features are available. Free shows are available for everyone. The video quality is pretty nice.


Many models were online. Amazing features are available. Free shows are available for everyone. The video quality is pretty nice.


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