Camquery - Good looking site, but it’s probably a copy


Date: January 23, 2018

Written by: Rusta (Male, 23)


I was so amazed with how the site looked like when I saw it, but I realized pretty fast that it was a copy. I just didn’t think about this site as a copy and everything was much better. I like how they choose dark colors for the site and there is pretty much nothing bright.
Because I was one a site that is pretty much the same like this one, I knew where to look for what. I saw that there were plenty of features and I knew how to see how many models are online. Even though there isn’t a counter that shows you how many models are only, you can count them manually. Not one by one, but by going through pages. That is not very accurate because there are also offline models on some pages, but I saw around 400 models or even more. That seems like enough to find some good looking show.
You should probably know that all models on this site have free shows. That is one of the most important things at the beginning because you need to know what you are getting into before paying for it. You can either find some show manually or with given features. If you want to find a show manually, it will take lots of time and you don’t need to waste any time. Before I used anything, I wanted to see couple shows that I chose randomly. I was just interested in the video quality and I wanted to see how models looked like. I probably wouldn’t go to a private show here a model wasn’t hot. That was almost the only thing I was looking for.
Most people would use categories at the beginning because they are only in a visible place. You basically can’t miss them. There were more than 30 categories and you can find any content. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for regular content or for something kinky, you will find it. Every category had couple models in there at least. Because I used sites like this one, I knew where to look for something better. The advanced search is much better feature than any other one. However, it is a bit hidden on this site. You can find it as a small icon with three lines. Most people wouldn’t even thing about clicking on something like that, but I eventually did. This feature allowed me to use 9 tags at once I think. I could select type of a show, model’s hair color, age and many other things. That would really narrow the search down to around 100 models or less.
When it came to selecting a model, I couldn’t decide which one to look at because they all seemed hot. That’s why I spend some time in free shows to see what’s going on in there. If that model wasn’t going to do something nasty, I started looking for another show. Some models have really high boundaries and that sucks. I couldn’t see almost anything in those shows. On the other hand, there are models that will do anything for the right amount of money. Even though that they can’t ask for tips, their shows can be more expensive than other shows, but that is not the case in all shows.
Some shows were very cheap. They were like per minute. Not many sites can offer you shows for that amount of money. There are also those expensive shows that go for around or more per minute. That seems a bit too much for me, but I can’t tell if they really are worth it because I didn’t open one of those shows. Most shows cost around or per minute and they were quite nice. Maybe you will get in a situation like me and see that some cheap shows are worth much more than the price says.
The best type of a show for me was where a model included a sex toy. You can see from the main page if that model has a toy or not. There is a label ‘VibraToy’ in a corner. Those shows are usually a bit more expensive, but not that much. There is nothing better than seeing a model who handles a dildo like a pro. Besides strip shows, some models will maybe include some role play also. That’s a good way to start off a show because many users will get much more excited from the beginning.
One last type of a show was that VIP show. I didn’t see a big deal in those shows because I know that they are not so different from regular private shows. Only here, there are much less people in a show and you can either spend a lot less money or much more money than on a private show.
The video quality here was without any questions the best one. I checked out around 10 shows and each one was in HD. some shows were even in better quality than HD. on top of that, all those shows were in fluid motion and they didn’t have one single problem during my stay.
I managed to use this site on a phone. It looked almost the same like on a PC. I opened it through a regular browser and I didn’t need any additional software or something like that.


Enough models were online while I was there. The video quality was only in HD or even better. Some shows were very good and they weren’t that expensive. Navigating on the site is easy enough.


This site is most likely a copy of some other site. Navigating is easy, but it could be better if some features were on a more visible place.


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