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Date: August 28, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 24)


It is pretty had these days to find a site with only guys. However, this site amazed me pretty much because I saw more guys than expected. The design of this site is really easy to use because everything is just one click away. The main page has everything that you will ever need to use. I noticed that there are guys for girl and guys also. This site has more than 200 guys online at most hours, and sometimes even more. There are tens of thousands registered on the site and that number only rises up.
Finding some specific group of models isn’t easy and that is why I like to explore my options. This site really does have many ways to do this exact thing. The best option in my opinion is the advanced search. It allows you to select more than 5 tags at the same time and when you are done with the filter, you will have a lot less models on the display. Categories can also do a pretty good job, but after trying out the advanced search, this just seems pointless. There is one more way and that is by typing in some model’s name in the search box. You will find only one model is you enter the right name, but to do this, you need to know someone’s screen name first. Models can be sorted out by their rating, name and a few more things.
When it comes to the shows, you can either watch at the free show or at the private show. Free shows offer you a free chat window that allows you to chat with the model for an unlimited time. This feature is the best when you want to find out what some model is ready to do in the private shows. This way, you won’t need to spend money on the show if you don’t like what some model offers. Most models will only sit on the bed and talk or do something similar, but none of them will start doing something nasty.
The private show is something else now. You get to see guys do something that they are best at. Prices can vary from the show to the next one because not all guys are ready to do the same thing. Some of them will just get naked and pose in front of the camera, but other guys will do almost anything you ask them. I found shows that cost around per minute and I also found shows that cost even per minute. I was surprised when I found out that some cheap shows were much better than those expensive ones. So I figured out that the price doesn’t determine the quality of the show.
The video quality varies also, but in most cases, it is in HD. There are just a few cameras that are in medium quality, but the most important thing is that every show has a fluid movement. Some shows have cameras that can be controlled with a remote control during a live stream so, zooming in one some parts is a regular thing in these shows.
Using this site is available on a phone. I tried using it on an iPhone and an Android and there were no problems for me. Actually, I even think it is better to look at shows on a phone because the video quality looks better. It is just a little bit harder to use this site on a phone because you have a much smaller screen than on a computer.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store offers multiple packages. The least expensive package costs 21 EUR and you get 18 credits for that amount. The most expensive package has 158 credits and it costs 161 EUR. This expensive package isn’t for me because I didn’t think I could spend that much and it is much better to start off with a small amount. The price of 1 credit I little over 1 EUR and the price goes down when you buy bigger packages. Every package has a bonus amount of credits after you purchase it.


Generally, I think that this site is something most people would like to see. Prices are affordable and you get a pretty good show for a little money. The video quality is pretty good and finding these shows can be done on many ways.


Nothing is bad here.


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