MaturesCam - Good copy of a


Date: June 7, 2017

Written by: Hubs (Male, 36)


Like I said in the title, when I first entered the site, I have noticed that this site is almost the same as However, there are few differences while being compared to that site. This site has orange background. Some parts of it are bright and some parts are dark, so I really can’t decide if I like it or not. But I still don’t like the choice of the color. I would prefer black or dark blue. Since I know how LiveJasmin looks like, I can tell that the arrangement of almost everything is the same. Categorization is on the left side of the page. There are a lot of categories that are different from other sites. With that, I mean that there are more categories here than on most of the sites. On the very top of the page are few useful sections. First one is ‘Favorites’. That section is there so you can look at models that you liked previously. By clicking a hearth below some model, you will mark that model and she will appear in this section. Next one is ‘Awards’. This is a section that I like the most because here are top 100 models and I get to vote which one is best among all of them. There is a timer that shows you how much time you have to place your vote. After the time runs out, model with most votes will get some award.
Good thing about this site is that you can look at some models without creating an account. So I would call this a free account. There are a lot of models that are available to you with this account. However, there are few things that you can’t do in any show while using this account. You can only look at the public show. If the model goes into the private show, you can’t follow her there.
For those who came for mind blowing shows, there is also a premium account. It doesn’t take much time to create it. All you have to do is put in some of your basic information and real credit card information. After that, you have unlimited access to all of the shows.
The shows are really good. For the loves of little older women, this is the right place for them. I am one of those guys and I say that from experience. I think that the older the girl is more experience she has. Of course, there is a limit. I wouldn’t want to look at someone that has the same age as my grandma. First thing I did was sort models on the way I liked it. There are few ways to do that. You can select if you want to look at the girls with the best rating first, the ones that are new on this site or you can sort them by their name. One more cool thing that can help someone is that you can select if you want to look at more models at once or you want to look at fewer models. I have selected some girl at random, and I have found a jackpot. That girl was almost naked, and I really liked that. Her big boobs were just teasing me so I couldn’t resist her. Before going to the private show, I have noticed one more thing. Below the live stream is a section with her biography. You can learn almost everything about her. Also, you can look at the photos from her previous shows so you can know what to expect. The private show is something that words almost can’t explain. Earlier I said that the older the girl is more experience she has and this model really proved that. She knew how to please her viewers. I have thought that the things I have seen here were impossible, but I was wrong.


Even that this site is a copy of, it is a good copy. There were all of the sections that the original has. Models are a little older, but that is perfect for someone like me. Quality of the shows are really good. The performances and video quality was better than on most of the sites. A lot of hot girls, even little more than i have expected. One more thing that i wouldn't think I would find is models that are 60+ years, so good thing for them.


There are only two bad things I would say about this site and here it goes. Orange color of the background is not what i would prefer on these kinds of sites. I would go with black. And the second thing is that this site is a copy of a


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