MyFreeCams - Free shows, but in bad quality


Date: January 11, 2018

Written by: Ted (Male, 24)


Like the title said, shows are only free. That means everyone can open them even without a profile. You can’t take models to a private show, but you can do more things in there. The design of a site sucks. I know that the design is not important here at all, but it would help if things were arranged differently. It’s hard to find someone specific when you don’t have anything to use for help.
I was disappointed when I opened one show. It was too small. I barely saw anything in there and that was the worst thing. If I wanted to look at crappy shows, I would never come to a live cam site. I don’t know why they made it that small actually. The chat is 3 times bigger than the live stream and that doesn’t make any sense. It is more important to type messages than to look at a model. I really don’t know what they were thinking about when they made it like that.
I still don’t know how this site has 1500 online models. It just doesn’t make any sense. It seems like people are watching most shows and models are staying on the site. I knew I didn’t want to spend my money here so I was just observing for some time.
There is a good thing about these shows. Models will do all kinds of things in free shows when they get enough tips. That means I can enjoy the show as well while other people spend their money. I saw that models put a specific amount that they are asking for and when they get it, they start to do nasty things. That was the best part so far on the site. I didn’t really do much more things besides that.
The video quality here was good and also crappy. Shows seemed like they were mostly in medium quality, but I couldn’t tell for sure. They were so small that they seemed only like that. Maybe they were in even worse quality, but I just didn’t realize it. That is not all of course. Most shows were lagging from time to time. When I finally though I found a show that is good, it started lagging out of nowhere. That just sucks really.
There are no prices here for anything. You can select a custom amount of money that you want to tip model with. Besides that, you can’t do pretty much anything.
It seemed like I couldn’t use any feature for easier search of a model. The only thing I though was a feature was in settings. I could only select a region from some models are. Besides that, nothing could help me out.


The only good thing on this site was that shows were free. I could watch the same things as others, but I didn’t spend one cent on it. When models got tipped, they would do some nasty things in their shows. I didn’t see anything else that was god.


Everything seems like it’s hard to use. There are no search features anywhere on the site. The video quality is not so good and shows are lagging almost always.


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