X Love Cam - Finally, one site that isn’t a copy


Date: June 26, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 18)


I got a little exited to see a site that isn’t a clove of LiveJasmin.com. That doesn’t mean a lot but I got my hopes up. Everything looks like on any other site. You have models, categories and few features. Nothing spectacular. But is there really a need for anything other than this? Before stating a discussion about anything, this site has this anything pop-up thing that wants you to create an account or log in it. I had to refresh the page every time because I could find that little x mark to close it.
First thing I want to talk about is features on this site. There are few ones worth mentioning. Let’s begin with those connected directly to the show. I accidently left my cursor on one of these shows and instead of models profile picture, there was this cutscene from the live show or some previous one, I really can’t tell. That is a good way of showing fans what they are getting into. There are filters on this site, so I didn’t have any trouble with finding what I wanted to. You won’t have to look for those typical keywords like busty, blonde and stuff like that. You still can do that with search engine but there is this new way of finding models. Pick her hair length, color, boob size and stuff like that all at once. I didn’t expect to see some of these categories.
Buying credits for shows is what everyone needs to know. This site doesn’t have any promotions so that means how much credits you buy, you get that much. One credit goes for exactly 1$ there is not discount if you buy more. I have seen that other sites let you buy more credits for little less money, but I guess that this site doesn’t think that is a good thing.
Lets say that these models know what their fans want to see. I just could believe it. Instead of looking at one girl sitting on the bed and pretty much doing nothing, these girls were naked already and some of them were playing with big dildos. That is what I was hoping to see somewhere. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but almost every model I opened was speaking some other language, not English. I couldn’t chat with her if she only spoke that language. While looking at some show, that annoying pop-up thing appeared again and I got bored of it so I created an account and bought some credits because I knew I would go to the private show. It was just with which model will I go. I guess the girl that started ramming a dildo in her pussy was the right girl because if she did that in free show, what was she ready to do in private one? Video quality of these shows was ok, not great. There were some delays and I could notice when it started to lag. That is certainly not what I wanted to see anywhere. I didn’t spend much time in private show because I spent that small amount of credits I bought, and that was enough for me.
Besides the live show, there are also videos from I guess previous shows. Some of those videos weren’t available for me or there was some problem at that time. I got little bored so I decided to finish the tour on this site.
There is one more thing I forgot to mention before and that is that there is a tab that has top 5 models on the site and you can vote for one that you think it is the best.


Last time i visited this site, it was a lot different than this, so i guess they have upgrades this site. There were a lot of models like before and most of them were smoking hot. Free shows here are much better than anywhere else. Every model is naked and she is doing a lot more than just sitting on the bed. Prices of credits are not that much. One goes for exactly 1$.


I like pretty much everything, but there is this small thing that kept bothering me. Video quality of some shows was not that great. There were some delays and lags.


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