CameraBoys - Finally a site with only male models


Date: August 4, 2017

Written by: Janice (Male, 25)


After a few times of visiting this site, I kind of needed to leave my review here because this site really does have good material. The first thing about this site that is worth mentioning is that there are both gay and straight guys. So if you are either a guy or a girl, you can find something for sure. It was hard to miss this, but this site is exactly like, only the difference is that this site doesn’t have girls. There are little over 3,000 registered models here and I counted around 80 online at the time I was there.
Paying for something without seeing it first is stupid, but this site does offer free shows for every user, even if some user doesn’t have an account. The main page is filled with most shows and you have a big catalog to choose from. If looking at all these shows isn’t enough, you can always use one of many searching features. The best one is the advanced search because you can select up to 6 tags that will narrow the search to just a few models if you pick right tags. Categories can be also of some use if you want to look at the bigger group of specific models. Free shows have a free chat window that is also available to everyone. This is pretty much the only thing I needed to use because after talking with a guy, I found out what was expecting me in the private show. However, there is a profile of every model, so you can know what some show is all about even before opening it. One thing I would like to see is more nudity in the free show because that would make everyone go to the private show.
This site uses credits as a payment method and there is a promotional offer that gives you ‘free credits’. When I say free, they aren’t actually free because you need to buy something first and you get a few credits on top of the current amount. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and the least expensive package has 18 credits and it costs 21 EUR.
The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one because not all shows offer the same things. The average price is around and most models actually charge that price. Shows that cost .98 can also be found and some of those shows can be much better than ones that cost up to per minute.
Using this site is also available on any phone. It worked well on both Android and iPhone. The video quality was pretty good here also. Most shows are in HD and there are just a few ones that are in a medium a quality. Many models are recording from a studio, so I think that they are actually professional models. I kind of prefer amateur guys because they are inexperienced and they will do something other models would never.


Hot guys are always online here. Their shows are much better than any other site. The price of a private show is not that high. The video quality was awesome and the motion was fluid. Amazing features are available.


Nothing is bad here.


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