CameraBoys - Finally a site with only boys


Date: February 13, 2018

Written by: Jane (Female, 30)


I spend lots of time looking for a site that was only with boys. There are too many sites that have girls and guys. On those sites, girls are dominant and you don’t have enough guys. However, that is not the case on this site. I think that there were around 150 online guys. I am not sure about the exact number because there isn’t a counter that shows you how many models are online exactly. You can find out by going through pages of online models and count them.
The site looks so simple and it’s easy to use. All you need is on the main page. I only need shows and that is exactly what it was on the main page. There were also some other things there, but there weren’t any ads, which is kind of nice.
Before you go to any show, you can hold your cursor over it to see what’s happening in there. Most models have free shows so you can check them out before going to a private show. Free shows are good for finding out what’s going on in there and what that model likes to do. If you like what you see, you can go to a private show. But you should know that you won’t see any action in a free show. You can’t tip a model and they won’t do anything without getting some money. It’s simple as that.
You can narrow the search down if you can’t find that one special model right away. You can use categories. They are always on the display and they can do a pretty nice job. However, some categories have too many models in there so it’s like you didn’t do anything. The best feature is the advanced search. I could select 10 different things at once and that did a pretty nice job. Instead of looking at 150 guys, I had around 10 of them on the display. It was quite easy to select only one after that.
Private shows offer you all kinds of action. Of course, some models won’t do more than just get naked. I was looking for models that were willing to do pretty much anything. It wasn’t so hard to find them actually. All models get naked in their shows. That is a good start, but what happens next is the most important part. If they don’t do anything else than that, it’s just a waste of my time and my money. Luckily, I found someone who did few more things than just get naked. That is where I ended my search on this site.
Most shows have the same price here. It was usually around or per minute. That doesn’t seem much, but if you spend 15 minutes in there, you can spend up to . That isn’t a small amount of money, but if you find a good show, you probably won’t regret all that money.
The store has different packages with credits and you need only one to start. 1 credit costs a bit more than 1 EUR. You can buy up to 160 credits for 161 EUR. You even get some bonus credits when you buy bigger packages.
All shows had one thing in common and that was the quality. Each show was in HD and in fluid motion. Shows weren’t lagging and they were always in good quality. I didn’t run into one show that was in bad quality.
Some models offer VIP shows. Those are pretty much like private shows. The difference is that less people can watch those shows. Only those who are the fastest ones can watch VIP shows. You usually spend less money than on a private show, but it can be the other way around also.


There were enough guys online. It was easy to use the site. The quality of each show was in HD and also in fluid motion. Most prices were affordable.


A bit more action in shows could improve this site.


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