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Date: November 24, 2017

Written by: Janice (Female, 30)


I can’t even remember how many times I was on this site. This site just offers many things that not many other sites have. This is an only tranny site, which is a hard thing to find nowadays. Usually, trannies are added to most sites, but there aren’t many of them there. However, that is not the case here. I counted around 300 of them at the time I was there and that is a pretty big number for this site.
The design is something I just fell in love with. Everything was arranged perfectly so I didn’t have any problems while looking for anything pretty much. I like that only those important things are in a visible place. There aren’t any useless things there like ads to distract you from the most important things.
I saw some better background colors for live cam sites on other places. There should be a visible difference between the background and those important things that are used regularly. Everything here is brown, so the most important features are not pointed out.
Looking for some specific model was one of the first things I always did. You can do it by scrolling through all models and stop when you find one or, you can use some features that are available. The first thing I noticed was categories. I counted more than 30 categories and you can find anything from MILFs, teens, big tits to Blowjob, Dominatrix and many more. This was a pretty useful feature, but I was still left with many models on the display. The best feature that any site can have is the filter or the advanced search. With those features, you can select multiple tags at once and the search is narrowed down to a lot less models than before. This site allows you to select 10 tags I think, which is enough to find someone you like.
One of the best things you can find on a site like this one is free shows. You don’t even need an account to open them. Every online model has a free show that is the best when you want to find out something more about a model or see the quality of that show. Every free show has a free chat window that allows you to chat with a model. If you are listed as a guest, you will just get ignored by pretty much everyone.
Creating an account is completely free here and it only takes you a couple of seconds to do it. While you are creating an account, you can also buy some credits in there. The store has 5 packages with credits and you only need 1 of those packages for beginning. The price of 1 credit is little more than , but you can get credits of almost if you buy the biggest package. Multiple payment methods are available like PayPal, through your phone or something else.
I got used to not seeing anything in free shows so I wasn’t disappointed at all when I entered one. All models were just sitting in the underwear on the bed. They didn’t do more than just talk, listen to music and similar. There is no point in asking them to do something for you because tipping is not available. No one will do anything for free.
Once you decide to get in a private show, make sure you have enough credits for it. The price varies in most cases, but the average price is around or per minute. Some models can also charge per minute and that seemed too low at the beginning. However, I learned that the price usually doesn’t have anything with the quality of the show. Some cheap shows can be quite good.
Models won’t do many things in the private show. The first thing I saw was a model getting naked. That was a pretty standard thing. All models will probably do that, but what happens next varies from the show to the next one. Some of them will include sex toys in their shows and some of them won’t. You can find out all these things by just asking a model, or by looking at their profiles.
Most models here are equipped with an HD camera. Some cameras are even remote controlled and that is the best thing you can see here. It’s pretty nice to see a model zoom in on her sexy body at one point. All shows were in fluid motion and they weren’t lagging. If I saw right, it seemed like most models were professional models. I think that because it looks like they are streaming from a studio. You can clearly see the difference between a studio and someone’s bedroom.
One of the last things that I did was try this site on a phone. It worked well on both iPhone and an Android phone. Everything looked the same like on a pc, but smaller.


Many models are enough. Easy to navigate on the site. Great search features. The video quality is in HD. Prices are affordable. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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