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Date: May 30, 2017

Written by: Gilbert (Male, 49)


The very first time I visited Fetish Galaxy, I wasn't really impressed with it. I just thought that it was some poorly made website that dabbles in fetish. I was wrong, very wrong. You see, you need to let some things surprise you sometimes. You need to give some things a chance. I almost closed the window of my browser with Fetish Galaxy loaded in it. It was a decision made in a milisecond. But, I didn't. And I am really glad that I did not. You see, Fetish Galaxy has become my go to website. I visit it on a daily basis and enjoy myself reading the blog, chatting with the girls, watching sexy cam shows and watching videos. There are so many things to do and see on this website and they are all, in my opinion, quite good. In fact, you could say that they are excellent. Fetish Galaxy is not your run-o'-the-mill webiste. And I am actually quite happy because of that. I don't need another fetish tube or fetish webcam website. I need to get my daily fill of fetish in various forms. So, instead of visiting several sites to get that, I can have it all in one neat package at Fetish Galaxy. Truly, if there ever was a website that can satisfy all sorts of fetish cravings it is this one. Every single thing that they offer is incredible and it will make you happy, if you are into fetish, naturally.

When I say that every single thing will satisfy you, I mean it. Just take a look at the instructional videos that they have. If you are new to fetish and want to experience certain things with your partner, this section is the perfect place to learn it all. They take great care in videos to instruct you properly so as to avoid injuries and any other unwanted consequences. I belive that this is a great move by this website which could be classified as a cam website first and foremost. But, I won't classify it like that. It is just a fetish website. Nayway, as you can see, the people running this website have even though of this little thing. Rarely will you find instructional videos as good as these ones, so if you really want to learn how to perform certain acts the right way, you should definitely visit Fetish Galaxy. If you want to know which are some of the hotspots for fetishists around the world, you should visit this site as well. Yes, they have that list. While you might think that this list is not really neccessary, I will prove you wrong. You see, I am planning a trip to Japan later this year and I woul really like to hang out with fellows fetishists. This website has a list of local hangout spots for people like me in Japan. So, I will definitely consult it and research all of the places a bit further before going to this wonderful country. There, you see, it is neccessary.

There are also pretty good videos that you will get to enjoy on this website. There are countless things for you to experience on Fetish Galaxy. But, naturally, the main course are the webcam shows. These ladies are simply wonderful. They will do almost anything you ask of them and they are not afraid to take it above and beyond while delivering cam shows. Now, this is a real diamond in the rough for people who like both fetish things and webcam shows. If you have not heard of Fetish Galaxy by now, it just means that you weren't looking for hidden gems in the fetish and cams section of the adult entertainment industrry. Fetish Galaxy has some of the best cam shows around. Period. Plus, the girls are hot. But, regardless of the outside appearance of these girls, it is what they do during their shows that really matters. And they do some pretty amazing things. When I want to experience complete and utter satisfaction, all I really have to do is visit Fetish Galaxy and purchase a private show. I know that, no matter which girl I choose, I will have immense fun and achieve (sometimes even multiple orgasms) an orgasm. Really, it is that good. I recommend that you put 'watching a show on Fetish Galaxy' on your bucket list. It is something that you simply have to experience at least once in your life. I am so hooked on these shows that I simply cannot get enough of them.

To sum it all up, I would have to say that Fetish Galaxy is the perfect website for people who like fetishes of all sorts. While you might easily dismiss it for its outward appearance, it is what is inside the website that will make you stay and keep coming back for more. Just remember that I almost didn't try it out. And here I am gushing about it like a fan boy. Oh, but I am a fan boy :D Sometimes, well, most of the times, you shouldn't judge things by their looks. Don't judge Fetish Galaxy for its design. Judge it for its incredible videos and its fantastic cam shows. If you do that, you will come to a rather simple conclusion – this is one of the best fetish porn/cam sites on the Internet! Of course, I recommend it wholeheartedly. I am quite certain that if you enjoy fetishes, you will enjoy this website as well. It is packed with such an insane amount of quality content that it is simply unbeliveable. So, yeah, Fetish Galaxy is the best!


Fetish Galaxy has great instructional videos and fetish videos. It also features a neat list of hotspots for people who like fetish. But, the cam shows on this website are from another planet. Plus, the babes are really, really hot.


I would say that the only thing that bothers me about Fetish Galaxy is its design which you could call outdated. It almost actually prevented me from trying out this website. Luckily, I ignored it and so should you.


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