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Date: January 15, 2018

Written by: Frank (Male, 24)


I didn’t run into this site before so this site is maybe new, or recently added to seekcams. Before I even opened it, I didn’t expect much from it because most sites nowadays are the same and they sometimes suck. It’s hard to create something that is good and original.
When I got here for the first time ever, I saw only what I needed during my stay. There were no ads, useless things or pretty much anything like that. I only saw shows and features that helped me out in some cases.
You can see the number of online models on the top of the page. I like a site that shows you how much models is online on a site exactly. There were almost 1000 models online and that is maybe a bit much. You can have hard time finding that one perfect models when you have so many models on the display.
Models were from all around the world. I saw girls from Russia, Ukraine, USA and many other countries. Some of them didn’t speak English and that sucks. I think that everyone should know English nowadays because it is used pretty much everywhere.
You won’t choose a model randomly here probably. You can some features that are available. You can select which models you want to look at. I stayed only on girls, but you can also see guys, couples and trannies. There are categories that can narrow the search down a bit, but there are no other features.
I was surprised in a free show when I opened one randomly. When you tip a model with enough money, she will do some nasty things. That was a good way to start my journey here. This one girl was lying in the bathtub and she was fingering herself. I couldn’t imagine something better at the beginning. She was ready for more things, but of course, for more money. The best thing about free shows is that you are not alone in there. You don’t have to tip the model at all and you still get to see the same thing as everyone else. If other people are generous, you can just sit back and enjoy the show. However, if you have something on your mind and you want to see that, you will have to spend some money in a show.
You get 50 free credits when you register to the site. That is a nice offer to make people register on the site. Let’s face it, everyone without an account on the site I there just for free shows. You can’t do anything if you don’t have money and a profile.
People were just tipping and tipping and it doesn’t stop at all. I see why model do all that in free show because they earn lots of money for a short period.
Free shows are not the only thing here. You can also go to private shows. However, if you are have suck a great time in a free show, why would you go to the private show? There are good and bad sides of that. You will have less people in private show. I don’t know if you have problems with being in a show with more people, but I don’t. That certainly isn’t the reason why I switched to private show. You can see more things in there. Even though some models used dildos and vibrators in free shows, almost everyone will use sex toys in private show. This is maybe the only site so far that had models who wanted to do that in private shows. They usually get naked and that is it, but that is not the case here. Not even close to that.
The video quality was usually in HD, but it varies in some cases. I saw a show that was in medium quality and was lagging a bit. That is something I won’t pay for. If I am spending my money, I will spend it only on the best things available. All other shows I was in were in HD and in fluid motion.
Prices of private shows can vary also. You can find private shows from per minute to over per minute. That is a big difference, but most shows are around per minute which isn’t that expensive. When you realize what you see for that money, you won’t regret spending a bit more money than usually.


There were more models than I expected. The video quality was in HD in most shows, but some shows were in medium quality. Models used sex toys even in free shows. They will do most things in free shows if they are tipped enough. Prices of most private shows are reasonable.


There should be more features for easier search.


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