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Date: December 20, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 18)


I fell in love with this site just a few minutes after I opened it. The background was all black and you could see everything else clearly. I knew what was important and what was not. That made navigating on the site much easier than on most sites. I was also glad that I didn’t see any useless things on the main page. And the most important thing is that there were no ads. No one likes to be redirected to some pop-up site.
The number of online models shocked me and I mean that in a good way. There were more than 500 models online when I was one the site and not many sites have that many models. There are even more models online in some other hours, but I didn’t need more than 500 really. That would make it harder to find some specific model easily.
This wasn’t the first time I was on this site so I knew where what was. But when I remember the first time I got here, I had some difficulties with a few features. I needed to narrow the search down a bit and I just couldn’t find anything besides categories. Categories did a pretty nice job, but that just wasn’t enough. I tried typing in some key words in that search engine, but noting popped up. I started looking around and I found the filter after some time. It is pretty hidden because you have a button with 3 lines without any words. I would never guess that was the advanced search. When I finally started using it, I could find petty much anything really fast.
Now is the time to talk about free shows. Every model has them. However, models that are in a private show are not available in a free show at that time and that is pretty logical. You could enter any free show for free. I tried it even without an account and I wasn’t stopped. However, I was listed as a guest and that means most models ignored me.
You should definitely create an account when you get here because you won’t be ignored and it really takes only 30 seconds to do it tops. You can either buy credits then or later. The store has 5 packages and the best one to start with is the cheapest one. It gives you 18 credits for 21 EUR and that is pretty nice. That means the price of 1 credit is little more than 1 EUR. If you buy bigger packages, you get credits with a little discount. There are even bonus credits if you buy any package except the cheapest one.
There are just couple things you can find out in free shows before going to the private show. You can see the video quality. That is the most important thing for starters. If you are already going to pay for something, it should be in good quality. You can also find out what that model does in her shows. If you don’t like it, you can just move to the next show easily.
Once you are in a privet show, a counter starts to show you how much time exactly you spent in there. You won’t spend more money than you wanted to because that counter is always visible. Prices of shows vary usually. However, the average price is around per minute which isn’t that high. You can find pretty decent shows that that amount of money.
Not all shows are the same. Some models want to do more than other models and that is pretty reasonable. I expected that more expensive shows would be better than cheap ones, but I was wrong. The price doesn’t tell you much about the show. Some cheaper shows were as good as those expensive ones and even better. Some models will include sex toys in their shows and those are the best shows you can find. For around , you can see anything in shows and you will leave this place much happier.
Besides these shows, you can also find VIP shows. Not all models have them and not everyone can watch them. Only the fastest ones get to watch these shows. Everyone who donates money to a model get to enter their show once she starts it. There are some things that can’t be seen in private shows available here regularly.
The video quality is pretty decent here. All shows I opened were in HD and they all run in fluid motion. There were some cameras that were controlled with a remote control. That was pretty nice because models could zoom in on them in some moments.
You could definitely see the difference between amateur models and professional ones. There were more professional ones and they knew how to please their fans. They know how to handle every situation and that makes their shows pretty interesting.
This site works on a phone pretty well. It was almost like on a pc so I had much easier time using it than I thought.


Many models are online. All shows are in HD and they are in fluid motion. It’s easy to navigate on the site. The site works on a phone.


The advanced search was a little hard to find at first.


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