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Date: August 21, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 24)


Over the past few years, I have looked at many different live cam sites but I always knew that they weren’t original. I checked this site a couple of times now and I can say that there were no changes made for some time. There is no need for that however because everything is pretty much perfect. You have a colorful design and because of it, you can find everything necessary on the site. This is the site that has the most models online if I am right. I don’t even know how many models are registered here, but the number goes much higher than 20000. There are more than 1000 models online at all times. That is because not all models are from one place so new models come online when some others go offline.
It was hard to miss this offer and I think it is worth mentioning. On top of the page, you have a small button that says get credits and when you open it, you have free credits available. Don’t think you will just get those credits for free. You have multiple packages in the store available for everyone. After each purchase, you get the specific amount of bonus credits. The least expensive package is 21 EUR and you get 18 credits for that price. The most expensive package has 158 credits and it costs 161 EUR. This package also has 10 bonus credits after the purchase. The price of 1 credit is always around 1 EUR.
I always thought that searching for models is important because you can’t find some model you like just like that. Especially when you have many models on the site, it is pretty hard to find some model on the main page. This site has multiple features available for this exact thing. The best one is the advanced search. IT is a little bit hidden but it allows you to select multiple tags at the same time and after you are done, you will have much less models on the display. There are categories on top of the page and they can also help you out, but there is no need to use them when you have the advanced search. You can also sort models out by many different things.
When it comes to shows, I can say that everything is pretty much perfect. Every model has a profile and you can find out all kinds of information before even opening a show. You won’t have to pay for the show before testing it out. This site offers free shows for everyone, even for those who don’t have an account. Free shows have a free chat window that is the best when you want to find out what is expecting you in the private show. Models usually respond to every text, but keep in mind that they like to focus on those members who are ready to spend money on them.
Private shows can bring you all kinds of things, it just depends what you like. Most models are just comfortable with taking off the clothes and teasing you a bit. However, there are also models who will do much more like masturbate. The price of a private show can vary exactly because of this thing. Some shows are cheap and some of them are pretty expensive. The price goes from .98 per minute to even .98 per minute. Most models are charging .99 per minute and that is the average price. You should keep in mind that the price doesn’t determine the quality of the show. If the show is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is better than that cheap show.
I tried using this site on a phone and it turned out it works pretty good. You have all features available just like on the computer. Shows loaded pretty fast and they didn’t have any problems with the lag or something similar.
The video quality was more than better. I noticed that most models are streaming from a studio and I didn’t quite like that. I kind of prefer amateur models over professional ones because they act more natural in every situation. Some cameras are equipped with movement options so controlling the camera is available with a remote control during a live stream.


Many useful features are available on this site. This site has many models online at all times. The video quality is better than on most of other sites. Site works pretty well on the phone. Prices are affordable and you have a counter that shows you your current balance.


Nothing is bad.





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