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Date: November 20, 2017

Written by: Milo (Male, 31)


This isn’t the first time I was on the site so I knew exactly what I was looking for, but let’s talk about things that are useful on this site. When I first got here, everything seemed a little strange because I was used to some other design. However, over some time, I started liking this design because you can select multiple views of the site. You can choose if you want to see more shows or less on the main page. My favorite view is ‘Gallery view’ because you can clearly see if the show is free or not. That is enough for the start.
There were quite a lot models online when I was there the last time. I counted more than 800 of them and 600 of them were only girls. That was pretty usual thing to see on pretty much any live cam site. You can look at all types and genders of models separately and I think that they can’t get mixed up in any situation.
800 models online is not a small number and that makes it harder to find someone specific. That is when I start using some search features, if they are available. This site has a few of them and the most important one was here also. The advanced search is a feature that helped me in many situations and I don’t like a site that doesn’t have it. Basically, you can select multiple tags at once and after that, you will have much less models to choose from. After using this feature, there is no point in using anything else, but let’s mention it anyways. Shows can be narrowed down based on price, type, age and many other things. That is all done separately and with the filter, you can do all that at once.
Many models here have a free show, but not all of them. I didn’t want to start those shows without a free version, but I still had enough to choose from. When I wanted to test the quality of shows, I didn’t even search for someone specific. In most shows, the video quality was pretty nice. Most shows were in HD and some shows were in SD. It’s great to see that models are pushing towards the best video quality available. I noticed that some cameras were controlled with a remote. This allowed models to zoom in on them at any moment.
When it comes to free shows, you can’t do much actually. Some models will agree to tease you a bit by dancing or something like that, but they won’t get naked. The best thing I could do was just look at the model while she was sitting. However, I asked some questing about a private show. I found out enough pretty fast to know if that show is worth it or not.
There is no tipping in free shows, but there is a type of a show that allows you to pleasure a model by giving her money. You have 4 options available and each one of them starts a toy in model’s pants. With bigger ‘tip’, the speed of that toy will increase and it will last longer. This makes a model horny enough to sometimes get partly naked even though that they are in a group chat.
Private shows can be something you don’t expect. The first thing you should know is that first 20 seconds of private shows are free. This can help you out if you have some doubts about the show itself. If you don’t like what you see, you can just exit and you won’t be charge at all. The price can vary, but not that much. Most shows cost around per minute which is quite amazing. You don’t have to spend much money on a private show and you will still have a great time.
The store doesn’t offer much. From what I saw, the price if 1 credit was . You could only select if you wanted bigger packages or smaller ones. I know I started with the cheapest one at the beginning because I didn’t know much about the site.
This site works great on a phone. It had no problems while I was using it on my Android phone and it was the same like on a pc. I just didn’t like that I had a smaller area to use than I was used to.


Lots of models online. The video quality is better than HD. Prices are cheap. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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