CamContacts - Don't listen to other reviewers - this site is actually good!


Date: May 23, 2017

Written by: Roger (Male, 48)


I don't see what all the fuss is about. I reall don't. Why are so many people hating on CamContacts? It seems to me that they really do not understand the concept of this website. This site is all about meeting new people. It is not your run-o-the-mill cam site. If you start viewing it like any other cam site, of course it is going to seem sub-par. It is so easy to label things. In fact, it is too easy. Sure, CamContacts needed to have a category, so someone really 'clever' decided to label it as a webcam website. This is not, I repeat, this is NOT a webcam site! This is a site where you get to chat up girls, meet new people, and forget about the troubles of daily life. When it comes to that piece, relief or whatever you wnat to call it, there is no price high enough. But, sure, this site has its disadvantages like any other. Primarily, it has this oudated means of charging people. I don't mind it. I can see how some other people would mind it, but I don't think that those people have heard of self control. Yes, a little bit of that in your lives and you won't have any problems with sites like these.

But, seriously, I've read all of the reviews on here and I couldn't but not notice all of the hate this website is getting. I would say that that hate is not on solid ground. In fact, having read all of those reviews, I am sure that these people have just visited the site without even trying out its services. How can you judge something if you haven't tried it out? Well, apparently that is how – visit it, hate it, write a review about it. In my ever so humble opinion, this website is excellent. It has helped me through difficult times and the girls on here are charming as hell. They will always be there for you, no matter what you need. They can be your silent listener, they can give you advice, they can be your crying shoulder – they are everything but rude. I cannot recommend this website enough for those who just need to let some steam off after a hard and long day at work. It works marvelously when you view it as that – a relief website – a opposed to viewing it as a cam site. There are so many great things about this website. It is also hard to explain them. This is why I implore you to go and give it a visit. Test it out. See if you'll like it. Give some cash in exchange for something wonderful. It won't hurt your wallet that much. Unless, of course, you decide to stick around for nothing. Just, please, I beg of you, don't judge it before you try it out. Don't dismiss this website based on its previous reviews on here. Because, this website is indeed a diamond in the rough.


The girls are charming here and this site is a perfect place to let some steam off after a long day at work.


I'll admit that the way they charge you is a bit stupid. But, you should probably learn to control yourself and then moan about it.


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