Camquery - Definition of a good live cam site


Date: November 30, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 29)


I usually know if I am on a good site or not just by looking at it for a few seconds. If the site is designed pretty well, it will most likely be easy to use and models will be amazing. However, if it seems hard to do something there, that won’t be the only problem probably. Luckily, this site left a positive impression on me because of many things on it. For starters, I really liked the color mix. Everything important is in red color and the rest is in black. That means you can easily see what this site offers without searching much for it.
Once I am on the site, I like to check out how many models are there. If there are 50 models, there is no need to look for something because I maybe won’t find it. I didn’t like that there isn’t some counter that shows number of online models. I just know that someone said that there are around 400 or little bit more models online. That is pretty much nothing when you compare it to the number of registered models on this site.
This isn’t my first time on the site and I most definitely remember it much differently. Whatever they did, it was really good. After I was done with looking at all things, I decided to check out which models are online. I can see that all kinds of models were online just from the main page. However, I couldn’t find someone specific just by scrolling through the main page. It’s much easier to use features that are available for free. The first thing I used was the advanced search. There is usually a small area that says ‘advanced search’, but this site didn’t have it like that. If someone doesn’t know about this feature, he probably won’t find it because it is shown only as a small button with 3 lines. With this feature, I could select up to 10 tags and everything was included in there. There is no need to use categories one by one or something else because everything that is on the site is available in the filter. I’m not saying that you will have only 1 model on the display when you use this feature, but you will probably have a lot less models than before.
Before going to some specific show, I just wanted to see what this site offers. Every online model has a free show. I started opening one by one to see the quality of those shows. I wasn’t disappointed at all. You could see the video quality in there and find out some things about private shows. I didn’t even have an account at that point and that was just too good.
After some time, it was time to find something for myself. Firstly, I went to the free show. I started chatting with the model a bit to see if she will do something I want or not. It would be stupid to pay for something that you don’t like that much. Tipping is not available in the free show so you can’t persuade model into getting naked or doing something. Some model will maybe do that, but I know that I didn’t find a model like that. Spending more time in free show is a waste of time so I went to the private show when I found out enough.
The price of this particular show was .98 per minute. That wasn’t high at all because for around , you can get everything from that model, of course, if she is willing to do something you ask. There are some shows that cost per minute or more than per minute, but I wasn’t in those shows so I can’t say if they are worth it. However, I did check out the price of most shows and the average price is around per minute. Don’t expect to see every model do the same thing in her private show. That is just not possible. i asked a couple of them what will they do and I found out that some of them are willing to include sex toys and the rest of them will just get naked. That’s also one of reasons why the price varies.
If you want to enjoy a private show fully, you need enough credits. The store offers you multiple packages and you can decide which one you need really easy. The cheapest one has 18 credits and that is enough for around 5-6 minutes mostly in private shows. If you are here for some real fun, you should buy something bigger. However, the biggest package has enough credits for maybe an hour in private shows. That is also too much. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and you have 5 packages so you can probably find one that suits you the best.
I mentioned the video quality earlier. All shows I checked out were in full HD. None of them were having problems with lagging and everything was in fluid motion. It didn’t matter if the model was professional one or amateur one, the video quality was high.
Like I said, I checked out this site multiple times before writing this review so I didn’t just use it on a computer. I was once bored as hell so I decided to try it out on a phone. Everything was pretty much the same. The only difference I didn’t really like was that I had much smaller screen on a phone so I had to constantly scroll up and down to find something.


Prices are affordable usually. The video quality is in HD. Many models are online, but I am not sure how many exactly. The site works well on a phone. It’s easy to navigate through the site.


Nothing is bad.


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