- Definitely the best site that is mostly free


Date: February 8, 2018

Written by: Morty (Male, 22)


Have you ever found a site that seems like it is free? Well this site is pretty much like it. It seems like it is completely free, but there are some things that need to be paid for. For an example, you can open free shows, but you can tip the model in there for more fun. You get the point probably. I was on this site at least 3 times before now and I finally decided to write a review. I usually don’t write these things unless there is a good reason for it.
Unlike other sites that are “free”, this site can really be free for someone. For starters, you don’t even need an account to see what’s happening here. That is a kind of a dick move because you are in the same show as others, only you are not spending any money currently. However, if you like something, you can easily create an account and do whatever you want.
There are more models online now than I remember previously. When I was here for the first time, there were only around 100 models online. That changed now because there are around 200 of them online now. That is pretty nice because you have more models to choose from.
You probably don’t like all models equally, just like I don’t. They are all good in some way, but there is always that one model that is much better than other ones. Finding that one model can be a bit tricky here because there is only one feature here. It seems like it is the filter, but it is not. There are around 100 tags at your disposal, but you can select only one at the time. That is not very helpful because if you select a tag like ‘brunette’, you will still have many models at the display. The filter would come in handy on this site, just like on all other live cam sites.
All the action is happening in free shows. I don’t know who goes to private shows really. It maybe sounds strange that you have something to see in free shows, but it really is like that. Of course, those models are not doing all that for free. With each tip from users, models get more comfortable with taking off the clothes. However, that is not all that they do. It’s pretty common to see them play with sex toys also.
If you open couples shows, you can see live sex for not so much money. If there are more people in a show, you can see all that for not much money. So far, free shows did so many good things, that I didn’t even thing about doing something else.
Just like anywhere else, there are also private shows. However, they are kind of not important on this site. After seeing all that in free shows, I don’t know what I can see in private shows. Prices of private shows are very high here. Most shows cost more than per minute. That seems too much because I can have more fun in free shows for that amount of money.
The video quality here was mostly in medium. I think that I saw only a show or two in HD. all these shows were in fluid motion which is kind of good. I just didn’t like that all cameras were zoomed in on models too much. You just saw one half of them in some cases.
This site also offers group shows. There are limited spaces in that type of shows and only the fastest ones get to join them. Basically, you and someone else get to join that show and you can ask for anything in there as long you spend money. Models here are ready for pretty much anything, but there are always some boundaries.
This site also worked pretty well on my phone. I once tried it for fun and it was pretty much the same like I was using it on a PC.


There were more models online than the last time. Free shows are even better than private shows. Models aren’t shy and they like to do pretty much anything in their shows.


Prices of private shows were too high. The video quality wasn’t in so good quality. Navigating on the site isn’t that simple.


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