- Definitely the best site I visited in a while


Date: August 23, 2017

Written by: Amrot (Male, 18)


I needed to say the best site because I noticed that this site is basically a free cam site. These cams are not like some other sites where you look at girls sitting on the bed and doing nothing in the free show. When it comes to these shows, these models are teasing you all the way through the show. I counted around 100 models online and that isn’t bad for a site that basically doesn’t have need for a private show. The design of the site is nothing spectacular, but navigating through the site is really simple. Everything necessary is pointed out because of the color mix. This site has girls, guys, couple and even trannies available. You just need to select something you like and begin you search for the model.
Exploring my options for searching the model is always important to me because I need to find a model that suits me the best. Searching for models is available with tags on top of the page, but there is advanced options for premium users. This site doesn’t even need to have some special search options because there aren’t many models online. The advanced search allows you to be more specific when you start searching for a model so that can be pretty useful. I didn’t notice that there are categories available so that sucks. These tags are divided by genders and I found that searching for models can be done by their boob size.
Like I said, free shows are available. You can open any show that is online and enjoy a model doing her thing. I found some model that had a dildo in her pussy and she wasn’t going to stop just at that. Most shows are just like that and I don’t have anything against that. It may be strange that models are doing all that for free, but most users are tipping models and they actually get a lot of money from tips because you can see every tip. The chat window is available for free also and that is exactly where you see those tips. The tip can be a custom number, but the bigger the tip is, the bigger the reward from the model is. The chat can be useful if you want to find out what will some model do in the private show, but I didn’t see any point in going to the private show. If you don’t have an account, you can still open a show, but you don’t get to say what model will do.
I just wanted to try out a private show because I wanted to know what will happen in the private show when I saw all this in the free show. Well, there is nothing spectacular actually. You can spend some time with a model alone and she will do pretty much anything you ask if that is possible. However, the price is too high for me. Most shows were hoping for or per minute and that is quite expensive for any site. There are also shows going for per minute, but finding those shows is pretty hard. This site uses credits as a payment method and everything is paid with them. The price of tokens varies because of the package you select, but the price of 10 tokens is around . There are some discounts on bigger packages, but I wouldn’t recommend buying a lot of tokens at first because you don’t know if you will be able to spend them all.
Using this site is available on the mobile phone and there were no problems for me. It worked pretty well on both iPhone and Android phone. It was just a little harder to use this site on a phone because you are limited to a smaller screen than on a computer. Shows loaded pretty fast and that is the only thing I wanted to see.
The video quality can vary because most of these models are streaming from their homes. There are also some professional models here, but I prefer amateur ones. Most shows are marked as HD, but this HD is not really good like the real HD. I opened a few shows where a camera could be moved with a remote control during a live stream.


The site works well on the phone. Free shows are better than private shows on some other sites. Models will do pretty much anything. You don’t need an account to use this site. The video quality is in most cases good.


There is no advanced search. Private shows are too expensive for me.


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