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Date: June 21, 2017

Written by: Sean (Male, 31)


I am kind of new to writing these reviews but after spending some time on this site, I felt that I need to share my opinion with everyone. I’m not saying this because I was disgusted or something like, in fact, I was blown away how this was amazingly created. So let’s start. My time spent on this site was not wasted at all. I got to see a lot of hot Asian models in their best moments. If anyone thought that it would be hard to get around this site, then he is wrong. I couldn’t find it easier to use this site. Everything is right on the main page and you just can’t miss it. Besides all that, there is also this amazing color of the background. It is not too bright, it is not too dark. It’s just perfect. It made my stay on the site much more pleasant than on some other sites.
I will begin this discussion with categories. Every site has them, at least I think that they do. They are placed on the left side and they just can’t be missed. Even if that is not enough, background color of categories is a slightly brighter red color so you can see the difference. I didn’t expect to see much on this kind of site. I was looking to seeing 10 or so categories but I got more than that. There were actually a lot more categories and they weren’t just ones like ‘MILF’, ‘Teen’, ‘Big tits’ and more like that. You can find categories that are for those who are into little more extreme content. However, that is not the only way to select a model. I think that most of other sites have this but maybe I am wrong. You can also sort them by their rating, time spend on the site and by the name. The last thing connected to this is that you get to decide if you want to look at more models at once, but their profile pictures are much smaller or you can look at few models but they have large profile picture.
Every show I have opened was the same. Not in the bad way of course. Most of these models are around 20 years and they are pretty much ready for anything. When I mention their age, I didn’t say that because I just think that way. You can actually see that below their profile picture next to their rating. When you open one show, there is more content that can help you find out a lot of information about the model. There are also pictures from some photo shoots that are really one of a kind. Next to the live stream is something most of fans use. You have the chat and it can be used to see what some model is ready to do and what she doesn’t want to. I didn’t believe how good the video quality of these shows was. I could see every detail on the model and that is what I was looking for at the beginning. I really like that there is free show first because it would be kind of risky to immediately for a show and then get disappointed. After some time, I have found the girl I liked. Before taking her to private show, I needed to create a premium account and buy some credit. I have seen that there are some bonus credits if you buy specific amount of them. I really don’t know if paying 1$ for 1 credit is much or not. It wasn’t much for me at that time. After doing all that, I was ready to see some real action behind the curtains. The boundaries have changed there. All the things that model wouldn’t do in free show, she did them here. I looked at her with joy and I didn’t want to end this show but I have run out of credit.
There is also this section I have noticed that actually shows their top 100 models and you get to look at every one and then decide which one is the best.
I don’t think I have mentioned this but there are also guys and trannies here. There were actually a lot less of them then the girls but I wasn’t shocked at all because I didn’t see much male Asian models ever.


Color of the background made my stay much more pleasant. I have found a lot more models than I have expected and almost all of them are around 20 years. Everything I looked for was right on the main page and I didn't have any problems with finding it.


Design of this site looks really familiar and I am not sure which site exactly was like this.


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