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Date: December 8, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 18)


If you say that you don’t have a fetish, you are lying most definitely. Either that or you just don’t realize that you have a fetish. The site doesn’t special at all in my opinion. There is no need to be all shiny or something like that if it is good. However, it helps when it’s good looking because more users will stay on it in the beginning.
You won’t find regular shows on this site and there is no need to search for it. Because only fetishes are available, not that many models are available. I counted around 150 of them and that is somewhere between good and bad. It is certainly better than 50 models. Like on any other site, there are much more registered models, but they just don’t seem to come online ever.
Because there are not that many models online, it is much easier to find someone specific here. On the other hand, that also means that you can maybe not find someone at all. There are good and bad sides of the number of online models.
When I finally decided to find something, I wanted to see how I can do it. Of course, I can do it by scrolling through the main page, but why would I do that when there are many features available all over the internet. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that the advanced search is not available here. However, I managed to find my way to some show without it. There are categories on the side of the page and that is good for the beginning. There are around 20 categories and you don’t have many models in each one of them. That is also a good and a bad thing at the same time. I didn’t check out all categories, but there are maybe some empty categories. That is something I wouldn’t like to see anywhere.
The best thing so far is a free show. Most models have at, but not all of them. That is good for the beginning because you can check out the quality of a show right away. If you don’t like something, you can simply move on to some other show without paying anything first. I had a pretty nice start with a model. I got a pretty good surprise when I entered her free show. On top of the chat window, I saw something not many sites have. If I tipped the model, the toy in her panties would start to vibrate. I really didn’t expect to see that here. You don’t get to see much action in shows that don’t have this feature. You can talk with a model about pretty much anything if you want to. You can find out something useful really fast. If that is not enough for you, you can simply go to model’s profile and see all that stuff again. Even pictures are included there.
Once it comes to private shows, I was again amazed with something. Prices were quite amazing. Most shows cost per minute and that is just a perfect amount to pay for a show. It depends which fetish you select, but you get to see more than just a strip show in the private show. Sex toys are usually included and that is all I needed. There was also a counter that showed you how much time you spent in a show so you don’t get to lose more money than you want to.
The video quality was pretty nice in most shows. It was HD in most cases and that was all I needed. They also run in fluid motion and that is quite enough. From a site that is not so famous, I was surprises because everyone had HD cameras.
Besides live shows, you can also find recorded videos. Every model has them and you have a big catalogue to choose from. Prices vary, but I saw that one show costs 3 credits. Of course, there is a down side here. When you pay for the video, you get to look at it for exactly one hour. After that, it becomes unavailable again.
This site works well on my phone. I didn’t do many things on it, but everything seemed the same like on a pc. There is no need for any program to get this site working.
The store works pretty simple. The price of 1 credit is and there are no discounts in any case.


Prices are affordable. The video quality is in HD.


Not so many search features. Not enough models are online.


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