Camquery - Another site that left me speechless


Date: December 27, 2017

Written by: Lance (Male, 32)


When you see a title like this one, would you think of a good or a bad thing? Well, it really doesn’t matter because I don’t know what most people thing. I meant that in a good way fyi, but why? When I first opened this site, I saw the black background and everything else was in red. That made it really easy to see the difference between something useful and other things. The best thing so far was that there weren’t any useless things or ads on the main page. I didn’t get redirected to some other site at any moment.
The first thing I look at is the number of online models. I don’ like to see too many models or not enough. Around 500 is perfect and that is exactly how many models were online here. It still isn’t that easy to find just one model among all of those, but there were some ways that made it much easier.
If you want to scroll through all those models to find one show that suits you, you are not so smart. Don’t get this the wrong way, but why would you do a thing like that. There are features that are created just for this exact thing. The first thing I saw was categories. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to miss out on them because they stand out from other things on the main page. There were around 30 categories and each one had some models in there. It’s not a good thing to have empty categories. I learned from other sites that there is always an advanced search hidden somewhere so I searched for it. It was placed in a corner as a small button with few lines. That should really be more discreet. However, this feature narrowed the search like nothing else. I had not more than 50 models to choose from and that was the best I could get. Also, if you know some model by her name, you can always type it in the search box.
You should know that every model has a free show available for everyone on the site. It doesn’t matter if you have an account or not, you can open it always. However, if you are listed as a guest, you will probably be ignored because you really can’t do anything on a live cam site without money. Free shows are good only for few things like finding out the price of a private show and seeing the video quality. Other than that, you are just wasting your time.
Private shows can be good and bad. You never know what you are getting into really. All models will say that their shows are the best ones, but deep down, you know that is not true. I know one thing for sure. All models will get naked in private show. That is the first thing anyone does, but what happens next is pretty important. I prefer shows in which models starts playing with a sex toy. Of course, you can’t see that in all shows, but I focus on finding those ones. They cost a bit more but they are really worth that money.
Like anywhere else, you have cheap and expensive shows. Cheap shows aren’t bad always and expensive ones aren’t good always. I think that you know that, but I just wanted to mention it. You can find shows that cost per minute or per minute. Of course, there is the average price like anywhere else and it’s around per minute here. That is pretty reasonable price for any site.
If you think you will spend lots of time here, you can buy more credits at the beginning. The store has pretty good packages for people just like that. If you buy any packages other than the cheapest one, you will get bonus credits with it. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and that is the case in all packages.
Other than private shows, there are VIP shows from time to time. There are 5 or so shows available at some times and that is the best it gets. You can open these shows for not so much money and you can see better things than in regular private shows. The main difference here is that you don’t have that many people in a show like in group ones.
All shows were in HD and in fluid motion. I didn’t open one show that wasn’t in good quality. Some cameras were even remote controlled and that is not easy to find.
Most models are professional models and I think that because they are streaming from a place that looks like a studio. You can clearly see the difference between a studio and a bedroom.
The last thing I did was use this site on a phone. I didn’t have any problems so far.


Prices are affordable. The video quality is nice. Enough models are online.




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